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Best Songs of 2020



Another year has come and gone, which means it is time to share my annual year-end songs list.  For obvious reasons things were different for music this year, but there were still plenty of great songs that were released and if you know anything about my taste in music then you can probably guess that none of those great songs made my list...but regardless these are my favorite songs from 2020 (links to the playlist on Spotify and Youtube at the end of post).





#2. Confessional - Janet Devlin.  Since, number one isn't SFBZP, here my second favorite song of 2020.


#11. The Baddest - K/DA; (G)I-DLE, Bea Miller Wolftyla.  No joke, in a year where I found myself drawn to a lot of dark and depressing music, K/DA provided the one bright spot of nothing, but fun and upbeat music. 


#15. Knife Under My Pillow - Maggie Lindemann.  It only took four years, but Maggie Lindemann finally made I song I like; probably the biggest musical surprise of 2020 for me. 


#29. Really Don't Know - Angie & Jenny.  A brand new pop duo from France are (along with Babyqueen) my pick for new artist to watch out for in the future.


#33. No Rules - Meredith Bull.  Like I said, in a year full of dark, brooding, angsty, downer, and depressing songs this is one of the few happy and fun ones that made my list. 


#54. Skindeepskyhighheartwide - Lawrence Rothman feat. Pale Waves.  I only saw two movies that came out in 2020 and one of them was "The Turning" and I hated it, but two songs off the soundtrack made this list.


#75. Millennia - Luna Shadows.  Luna Shadows, Magdalena Bay and especially Ava Max, were the artists I've listened to before that I come to appreciate and enjoy even more this year. 


#99. Adrenaline - PRXZM.  For whatever reason, EDM didn't do as well on my list compared to years past, by here a song I enjoyed a lot.


JAG's Favorite Songs of 2020 Playlist:

Spotify - Youtube


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