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FaceFaceMask Tutorial and Other Weirdness

Mushy the Mushroom



Just a vague tutorial, recent random artstuffspam and things.

So a lot of months ago I made a mini costume 3D face-face mask just to see if it was possible. 

Wanted to try again on a larger one for someone else aka my mom the test subject, so here’s how to make one, if you’d like.


One cotton face mask that matches the skin tone of the human model. I used a one-layer mask so the paint wouldn’t stain the lining. Paint mask before sewing to lining for multiple layers.

Acrylic or fabric paints and paintbrushes. 

A photo of the lower face.

Iron to heat-set your paint (If using acrylics).

A phone, tablet or computer screen to display the photo of the face.

Tracing paper or parchment paper.


Measuring tape.

A round surface to place under the mask as you paint. I used a round tailor’s ham, taped cotton balls into a nose shape, and covered it in a plastic bag. I pinned the mask onto it.



Take a straight-on photo of the face you wish to replicate. Now, on the human model,  use the measuring tape to ascertain the width of their nose. 

Next, measure the width and length of their mouth/smile. Finally, measure the width between the top of the mouth and the bottom of the nose.

Open the photo of the face and zoom in/out until the dimensions match the real face measurements. Tape the tracing paper on the screen and outline the details with pencil. 

Cut out the nose and mouth paper pieces and pin/tape to the mask. It may be advisable to try the mask on the human model for accurate feature positioning. Trace the outlines and add the details. 

Then paint. I thinned my paint with some water to prevent cracking.  Add various spots and dots on the skin for a pore-like effect. Let dry between layers. Dry fully and iron to heat-set if you’ve used acrylics. 

Behold your frightening creation.

Paint time on 2nd attempt: 4hrs.


9X12 acrylic that I barely finished for greeting cards.

Drawing time:? Paint time: 40hrs.

And some gifts. Started them too late so they were kind of rushed. 


(The wallet was made from a 20+year old leather jacket and sewn on the Needle-Launching-Monster. It was weird making one without destroying the fingers while trying to badly hand sew the leather with an embroidery needle. XD  The envelope bag was made from an upholstery swatch, and the tiny red dress was for Pops. Drafted the deer plushies to resemble some 2d painted leather ornaments made in times past.)



And just a few old things turned into new stuffs. 


Yes, a mushroom hat. Because, why not?

And the excessive amount of tailor's press tools made for couture sewing. I still don't get why they were named after meat products. Who looks at a ham or a sausage and is like "I can iron on that."?


And hello from tiny rhino.

(Carved and painted, before/after.)



And hi from this lovely little slug who keeps breaking into our house.



Also seems fun to sum up the past year, probably with poor writing and excess honest information. Because, why not abuse the free blog privileges?


2020 started with adopting a mutt puppy, a violent stray, who terrorized us in our home for 2 months. He currently resides in an enclosure we built outdoors, so things are peaceful and our little dogs are safe again.

My brother graduated from college in February and moved relatively far away for work. The job became online-based one month later. Yay for Facetime. XD

My dad lost his job during the shutdowns. He now works locally and lives at home (instead of airports/traveling/hotel living six days per week). He seems a lot happier now.

My mom and I had to leave our church. ( Hint: It’s in a kind of bad area. Once a homeless dude was secretly living in the church gym and ordering pizzas, and nobody noticed for a surprisingly long time. XD)

My joints are now musical and make me limp around occasionally. My face has become reddish and disproportionately swollen. My skin has become uncharacteristically yellowish. Some days it hurts too much to move/get off the couch. And other stuff. And now I take a multivitamin made for old people because it doesn’t contain iron.

Conclusion: Seeing all the stuff about 2020 seniors made me see I was a senior citizen in 2020.

Also learned I have a blood type that’s supposedly “impossible” based on my parents’ blood groups. So I was either accidentally switched at birth or some kind of gene mutation occurred. 

And recently had an entertaining toxic reaction to local dental anesthetic containing epinephrine. My legs started shaking and a minute later I started violently convulsing, gasping, my throat constricted, I collapsed and my face turned scarlet, all when they had the drill in my mouth. The hygienist initially thought I died and ran outside to get my mom. The chip filling immediately fell out and they had to redo it. I was in a lethargy state for 2 days after the shot...Then the filling came out one week later and they replaced it again. It was fine without the epinephrine, which is weird because it never caused bad reactions before this. I feel horrible for frightening them so…The best part: The filling just fell out again. *Facepalm* I’m keeping it this way for now, as it seems somewhat dangerous and highly embarrassing to have it repaired again. PIRATE STYLE. Very thankful for masks!

We still aren’t fully sure what’s causing it all. We have suspicions, but apparently referrals take a long time. But when I have the energy, I’m free to do all the artstuffs and things. I am so thankful for my mom and it’s awesome to get to spend time with her, but I have guilt about being burdensome. :/ But one day, “The knowing will come”.  Oooor hopefully, maybe, whatever it is will just go away on its own. It’s all good~ 


And miscellaneous good stuffs have happened too.

I rediscovered LEGO and BZPower. So much nostalgia, I love that this old place still exists. 

Covid shutdowns didn’t affect my social life at all. I was pretty much a hermit before. XD 

I haven’t redeveloped any food allergies. The anaphylaxis was either idiopathic/a bi-product of other health problems. *happydance*

Shutdowns are a new excuse for a creative renaissance. ARTSTUFFS. Online tutorial series, yay!

2020 was personally a tiny bit bad but mostly rad.

Anyway, apologies to anyone who read through this rather prolix entry.

 May your 2021 be a great one! 


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Always love seeing the outcomes of your creative endeavours. Also the painting is great! I adore the really subtle variations in the snow, that turned out extremely great. :D

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Nice facemask, Leatherface. :P You're quite a creative person.

Sounds like you've had an interesting year. Glad Covid didn't make you completely miserable. And I think I have an explanation for the blood type thing: You're part of the X-Men. :0 

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