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A Clutter of Creations + The Child + Creatures

Mushy the Mushroom



It appears as though it’s maybe time to resume aimlessly cluttering the region with creations...

4x5.75” Beta fish, acrylic on watercolor paper, done for greeting cards. 

Brain: A small painting will be faster....Reality: Spends 22 hours gleefully obsessing over the details. 


And a few somewhat recent 9x12 pencil drawings that I remembered to scan but forgot to watermark...oh well...

(French seams)  Went to Walmart to buy a shirt...then realized the 3yrd. indigo fabric roll was cheaper and could make a spiral ruffle skirt also.  And some old things—> New things. Print pajama pants = new shirt and mesh lace scraps + Rolled hem presser foot = scarf.


A simple fleece lined hat from tee shirt, made to complete an outfit. My dad is now happily living as a human bottle of Sriracha...


Noticed that the giant bag of my family’s semi-destroyed jeans was nearly overflowing. ‘Twas a nice excuse for a little challenge + drafting a new pattern. Used the inner side of the denim to avoid stains, cut strips around the holes and alternated the light and dark denim panels. Interfaced and stuff. First try at a method of construction that replaces zippers with button pockets. I am baffled as to why I had "coat of arms of New Jersey" buttons, but yay, they were the right size.

(Why does the dress form look so weird? Because it’s made of a chopped up wooden hanger, a tennis ball, drop cloths, wood glue, stuffing, a copper pipe, and a punching bag stand. Very professional. XD )

Finally drafted some patterns for these dolls. Hopefully will be able to get back to actual worksewing soon...
(The mischievous Muscovies had a glorious time trying to photobomb these..)

Things for the Child. (Is it wrong to have a Child without watching the show?) Snap-on hair bows and test subject dresses, made from old dyed sheets/pillowcases. The sleeve cap shape was shamefully off on these, redrafted the pattern with paper towels later. 



Window Child backpack, made from a drop cloth, leather, foam, clear fabric, and metallic faux leather. Partially sewn with the Needle-Launching-Monster. Messed up the window a little with the wrinkles. Only realized it looked like a portable clothes dryer afterwards...It’s ridiculously wide, but had to be to accommodate his ears. XD


I can not contain my joy over the fact that alien dolls aren’t that peculiar anymore. I used to drag my beloved Figrin D’an, Admiral Ackbar and Greedo dolls around everywhere.

The tragically disproportionate outcome of trying to make a Child cake topper out of peanut butter + powdered sugar at 3 am:


Just beaded masks.


And daisy flower crown from a while ago. Green base band is from elastic strips covered in velvet, “woven” and sewn together. Daisies made by shaping wet leather and centers made from stamping and painting. 

Do you ever just go outside for a fast photo then somehow end up frolicking into the welcoming woods for the next hour?


(Dress made a few years ago, not remotely recent.) (Not pictured:  Very awkwardly trying to hide from passing neighbors, trying to hide the camera remote, laser level tripod, many NSAIDs, dark underlying fear of tick bites. )

“There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.” -Bob Ross

...Or maybe even a tree frog.?


May spring bring you as much happiness as this daffodil brought Pops~ ^_^



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You might be the most creative person I've ever seen. ._.

Also that backpack is hilarious. I want one for a cat. XP

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On 3/21/2021 at 11:26 AM, Bambi said:

You might be the most creative person I've ever seen. ._.

Also that backpack is hilarious. I want one for a cat. XP

Oh my, I’m terribly unworthy of that title, but thank you! Haha, it was actually inspired by those bubble window backpacks for cats. XD

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