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Today's My Graduation~





Well, after 5 years, I made it to my degree. I have to say I enjoyed college ( I enjoy education in general.) despite all the rocky moments. 

I entered in as very unsure of myself. Coming from a tiny high school with a graduating class of 62 people where everyone knew me was a big change. I didn't get into my first choice school, but I think where I ended up might have been better for me and still very proud to have attended. (This could be the same story for a lot of my college to be honest.) Plus it was nice to have a few familiar faces from high school going in with me, even if I didn't have them with me at the end. In fact one of the things that stood out to me today was how few people at the ceremony I really knew. Certainly none on a close personal level.

College brought me a lot of new experiences that I'm so thankful for. I had to study and teach myself in ways I never had to before. I got my driver's license. I stayed in my first dorm and first apartment. I travelled to new cities and tried new foods. I played new games with new friends. I found my first real love. I went to therapy. I worked a real job. I looked out for people who couldn't for themselves. I went to parties that were totally different, even if they had a lot of they same people. And it continued right up until the end, even if a lot of these things were temporary and the days would sometimes seem to flow together without event.

This isn't the end for me though. Right now, I'm planning to go back for grad school in the fall. I'm very hopeful about my chances to get a job in the summer and with any luck it will be something I'm able to continue part-time while I complete my master's.

There's a lot in the past and future, but for today, I'm just going to be proud of my accomplishment. ^_^

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