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Review: 75299 Trouble on Tatooine




276 pieces, $29.99

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Remember when the only Mandalorian set was the super expensive ship with baby Yoda that sold out in presales?  Or something like that; basically, it was costly to get.  Welp, now Mando and The Child appear in a small affordable set which represents everybody’s favorite sandy planet from the series.  It’s an interesting choice but it works.

The figs alone are probably worth the cost of the set.  Mando has a lot of his fancy Mandalorian printing going on, although I guess he’s missing some of his fancier armor that other figs have printed on.  Baby Yoda is the same, but this is a far cheaper way to get the baby fig.  And there’s a Tusken Raider, who did appear in the show, so I guess that’s plot relevant!

You get three mini builds; a speeder, a bolt launcher, and a small hut.  The speeder has some nice greeble on it and allows for some interesting angles.  Star Wars does enough speeders that I don’t know anymore how good or bad this one is in comparison.  It works, I guess.  The catapult thing kind of resembles the one used in the show; it also has some clip hinges that allow for some different angles to put together the “bow” and launch the spring loaded missile.  The hut might be my favorite part, because it has a rounded design to create half of a rounded shape.  Unfortunately there’s no easy way to continue it all the way around and make a full hut, but I think it works well for the small scale.

The builds are decent but not super impressive; luckily they’re secondary to the figs, which are great, and they still add some play value.  Did I pick this set up entirely to get the Mandalorian and Child for cheap?  Absolutely.  But the other pieces included are welcomed, so it wasn’t a blatant rip-off.


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