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Review: 40477 Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, & Louie




340 pieces, $24.99

More photos on Instagram.

Ah, BrickHeadz, they’re still around and still remaking licensed characters.  I generally don’t pick these up for the characters anymore and mainly get them for the pieces.  But my roommate is a fan of the series so I got it as a birthday gift.  But as I’ve discovered, while he likes displaying Lego, he doesn’t actually build with it, so buying him a new set just means he stashes the box away untouched.  So I prebuilt these, and decided to take some picts and talk about them before wrapping them up.  (If he asks, I’ll just say that Lego sometimes prebuilds the sets in the box.  I legitimately made that joke to another coworker once when I gave him a blind bag where I’d built the mini set inside ahead of time… and he believed me for months before somebody spilled that I was pulling his leg.  Haha, fun times in the office.)  Alas, by the time I got to editing the photos the set had already been wrapped, so I’m stuck with a few blurry ones.  If you look at it cross-eyed then everything else will turn blurry to match and they won’t look out of place; problem solved.

Scrooge himself is a standard BrickHeadz design.  He comes with his blue jacket with red highlights, and a printed brick on the front.  He wears a neat top hat and includes a beak and some additional tiles and slopes to represent his feathers.  Oh, and his has tiles to stand in as his glasses.  Fun stuff.  (I almost made a Scrooge BrickHeadz as a convention trophy a few years ago but instead opted for Darkwing Duck.  I wonder how long before he appears as a BrickHeadz…?)  One of the more unusual bits is the wedge plates used as his flipper duck feet, which seems a bit awkward to me, like his legs are sprawling out in an odd direction.  But I guess they’ve used it for the other duck BrickHeadz before, so might as well keep it consistent.  Scrooge has two tiles to showcase his shoes, making it a bit different.

The triplets are all the exact same designs but with recolors… which I guess is how they appeared in the original show.  (I very much appreciated that the new show took the time to give them each distinct personalities.  The original show was a bit before my time and so wasn’t my go-to nostalgic childhood show, but when I rewatched some episodes and the three kids were basically interchangeable, it kind of annoyed me.)  Anyway, they use the smaller 3x3 design with cool baseball cap designs and some rounded tiles on their face to replicate the designs used on Scrooge.  They use the wedge plates as feet too, and it’s even more jarring at this scale.  Also… the back of their heads are double plated, with a full white plate and then another layer of tiles.  To me this makes the back of their head stuck out just a bit too far, and I think one layer of tiles would’ve sufficed.  And there’s plenty of connections to allow for that, so the additional plate wasn’t necessary for stability.  Scrooge also uses the double plate width on the back of his neck, but for his size it’s not as noticeable.

Honestly, BrickHeadz designs generally don’t get too impressive, but these four characters are easily recognizable so I think the process worked for them.  And lots of nice extra pieces too, and it was fun to have the colorful triplets included instead of just Scrooge.  If you’re a fan of the show, I think they’re worthwhile.  (I’ll have to update you on my roommate’s reaction; luckily he doesn’t read this blog [like everybody else in existence, to be sure] so he won’t have the surprise spoiled here.)


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