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Baby Bloom, A Child from Acorn Squash, + Pumped about Stumps

Mushy the Mushroom



‘Ello! Can’t sleep, might as well pile it up in a big blog heap. 

9x12, Ticonderoga, mechanical pencil, watercolor paper.

Unknown public-domain-reference subjects, except one with my grandma’s floofy dog + mysterious dog, presumably from another relative...? 




I did a bad thing. 

Sneaked down the street and stole a sign at 11 at night. 

Forgot the wire cutters, took a second trip with double the fright. 

Drew the cat, zip tied the sign back.

Got up the nerve to be that weirdo who texted and said I could drop off the art at their driveway.

They also found him later that day and took the posters off display. 


…I just wonder if they noticed that the zip ties changed colors. 



Where I mirthfully threw 16 hrs of my life:

Baby Bloom!



(Bistro chair +rubber wire around arms + megaflower + footstool)

Fulfilled my dream of honoring this background character from Toy Story 3. I hadn’t the wits to make her from old ballet tights and yellow balloons then, it was time for another spin. Also based on the 10-petaled “false sunflower”, the Smooth Oxeye. 

IMG_0122.thumb.JPG.19112f3929df1e7f146f2418c4a3bd82.JPG C13AA3D8-7446-4D96-B839-4CCDFE188B4F.JPG.3dea92392554c573159e87c33ba7a1d6.JPG

Made from cotton, a wig-size wad of vintage ribbon from my grandma’s abnormally well-stocked basement, sweatshirt knit, press-on snaps, steam-a-seam, handsewn hook-and-eyes. Quilted-style leafwings. 





[No-context construction info and rubbish. Dumping here for personal reference. The bonnet brought out a fiasco. Likely should have started sewing the paper towel version first. Seems easier to work it for dolls/smallness.]


I was unobservantly ironing this leaf piece on the round ham.

My mom, with pure belief: “Eggplant plush, very beautiful” 

IMG_0148.jpg.95931b975cf917d6cbaeae408e8b511b.jpg IMG_0312.thumb.jpg.64712b619078657a47ae9f855f9ccc0f.jpg IMG_0131.jpg.ae61a28bc8a521f26a97552cc67d43c2.jpg



Stump scene dump! Do you love a good stump?

I've been keen on them since way back when.. Was fantastically disappointed when barred from bringing dear Holly Stump as seating during that one firework night. Such chairs they are! Most pleased to see society embrace them and welcome them into their homes at last. 

When there’s no sister to be subject to shoots, one thing leads to another and pumpkins are places where there should be faces? 

(Shhhhh, pretend winter. Twas 75 degrees)



Monarch madness, Poor pup!

Sharpie, porcelain marker, 3D butterflies made from foamy sheets and wire.

And bonus goat in a coat on the other side.

Sharpie, + leftover knitted yarns from pom pom trim. 



Achild from acorn squash. 


Effort level: You’re becoming food in a few days. Want to become a nontoxic friend until then? Maybe with a wee Viking vibe. 

3M double-sided tape, pickle jar base, foam sheets, shipping foam tube arms, dress from harvested shipping paper, leftover fur from that same, ever-lasting, leather jackpot jacket that generated shoes, a wallet and quiver. 

Unsightly stopmotion hand, none of this ever is properly planned.

Props: Pompoms from leftover yarns from the scarf things and sock cuffs, 

Campfire circa ages ago.. Felt fire and logs from a painted sheet. Rock ring from tee shirts. Couldn’t find the little felt marshmallow man on a stick, subbed with tiny poker made by the ancient blacksmith villager man. He gave custom, name-stamped ones to the random little peoples who watched the smiths. Such a legend. 



Brace sizing gap alterations. Hand punched and hand sewn loops. Terribly grateful something stops the knees from the ~20-per-hour snaps!  ^_^ ISO: Real exoskeleton. Maybe the Stormtrooper kind. 



But not actual ones. My spindly friend.



When your dad volunteers as the tribute pony....We brought home my grandmother’s old riding cart for restoration, but this is the closest we've gotten to achieving that. She would be livid…haha. I cannot believe I get to go for pseudowalks down the street again! He needs a horse head mask ever so much, many ridiculous ideas brewing. But neighbors might call 911 if they saw that. Have to sometimes appear normal, I suppose.?


Fairy Gourdfather forwards fall felicitations to you all! 

Is that word used decently? Love a posh new word but scarcely know how to wield them. 


PS: Does video link embedding not work now for anyone else? It used to automatically do it for me, but now it gives an error code.


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The drawings are all so good! And I'm glad those people found their baby kitty~

Love all the autumn stuff as well. :>

Edited by Bambi
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On 9/29/2021 at 1:37 AM, Bambi said:

The drawings are all so good! And I'm glad those people found their baby kitty~

Love all the autumn stuff as well. :>

Belated thanks!  C: Acorn squash Child exists wholly due to you, hoped to fruit-carve him in your honor, but my dad bought him as food so I opted for the foam. XD Did you come up with idea of fruit-carvings? I'll forever esteem them as legends. 

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1 hour ago, Mushy the Mushroom said:

Belated thanks!  C: Acorn squash Child exists wholly due to you, hoped to fruit-carve him in your honor, but my dad bought him as food so I opted for the foam. XD Did you come up with idea of fruit-carvings? I'll forever esteem them as legends. 

Pfft, make your dad eat the foam. Acorn squash exists for one purpose, and that is CARVING! :P I don't really know where the idea came from, but a few Halloweens ago a couple of friends and I wanted to carve pumpkins, but the store was out so we opted for a pineapple. :b Now it shall transcend generations and become the most sacred of traditions. :>

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