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Bambi! Bugs! Bow Ties! Pies!

Mushy the Mushroom




Acorn squash exists for one purpose, and that is CARVING!

-Bambi, October 5, 2021.

In your honor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Csjb9HWCk8


I just left the lighter there?

But also: 

*DUN DUN* [sur]P[r]IES 

Complete life cycle condensed in 30 seconds. (AKA: Fast version of maunderings below)



Set sail at three am, a glorious distraction XD 90 minutes carving after sketch, 60 film/setup. Done with porcelain fill marker, carving tool, Xacto, electric bread knife, and my drill bits (prior sanitized). Is this how people ordinarily carve these things? I’ve never done a pumpkin/squash before. Was I supposed to use the Dremel? Didn’t seem prudent to simply decapitate Acorn Child/Fairy Gourdfather (We’ve bonded, had grand times… too soon) so boom, balloon brain. Turned inside out as it was what I had. Swing suspended out of the way by luggage straps and a bungee. Needed ambient lighting, fire hazard time. Grocery bag blobs. 


Cam off, baked squash. Pies for my peoples. Faintly fancier than usual (finished the next day, fell over).  FullFallFestivityFeels instead of Sprinkles+ShapesThatAreEasyToCramInAFreezer. Chocolate X Cookie crust. Accidental upside-down rose pies thanks to the silicone pan, painted edible red with dyed almonds as leaves. Few frozen for Thanksgiving, maybe? Perhaps then I’ll be able to eat some like a realgirlhuman?! Without throat constriction? Please?



Pfft, make your dad eat the foam.

-Bambi, October 5, 2021.

Done, yes, - The frosting foam, that is! 

Thanks for the amusement, Bambi. Has greatly enriched my life. XD


Cringe content repository:

Me as a florist:


Look closely. 


Cicada shells, cheery fellows! Used to glean gallon-size bags of them off our trees and set up armies of them all about the house. Trails down every stairwell. Mini captains of boats. Great toys. Grand that people are Cicada cooking now?! I researched so hard about whether or not the shells were poisonous four years ago. My ducks loved to eat them, they looked and felt like crisp potato chips, I wanted to join them! Couldn’t get a straight answer online, sadly never dared. Have you tried them, or the shells? Still rather tempting.


^They send their love to all~

Bow ties are cool, but we aren’t.


Well, I was admittedly terrified to ask my dad to dress up. XD Not sure why, he happily obliged. I think he’d agree to any genre of absurdity, being a former masked pro wrestler. ._. 

Why this atrocity?


Well...in 2015 the spontaneous idea of “MUST create a GIANT Adipose plush/blobchair for my brother” somehow materialized. Went feral and free-cut without a pattern. It took a mighty quantity of poly-fil. The floored grin on his face that Christmas-bahaha! I've no recollection of where I hid the thing before wrapping it, It’s exactly 4.5 feet tall!


Then, in 2016, he hoped to acquire a purple Dalek, but without luck. Got some felt and some plush-toy eyes and attempted to fix that up (and BB8, more robots to exterminate/celebrate.). (Oldugly watermark due to an IP theft thing, I lack the original here.)


 Time jump to present,this monstrosity, Adi’ wanted a horsecart ride, I, Sara, made an attachable Clara collar (olddress made 2yrs ago as I’m slacking), voltage tester and tape became the Sonic, The Child repped the Tardis, and my dad, volunteering as a tribute pony, actually agreed to this? Thanks?  CRINGE. [Brought to you by poor judgement and low quality editing tools.]


Happy scare season from my family to yours, I guess? [We are not celebrants of Halloween. This is our typical aberrancy]


*Slinks back into bushes lowkey questioning life choices while chilling with the Cicada crew* 


Ooh might as well re-drop this little dude over here also:


Edit: Oops, got the quote date wrong. Fixed. Sorry Bambi. :P 


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A Bambi pumpkin! :O It's incredible! You did a great job on all of these. I love the Daleks. :'3

But please do not eat cicada shells. :P

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