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280.7hrs: Painting My Brother.

Mushy the Mushroom



“The Move”

18x24” 140lb watercolor paper. Drawn a long while ago with pencil, started the painting with acrylics in May, taking long breaks until around September, when mania began. Finished December 6th, 2021.

Drawing time:? Painting time: About 280.7 hours/11.66 days. The longest time prior poured into a painting was 56 hours.

Reference was my brother at a Chess tournament in December 2019. Wanted the board in the painting, so MS paint spliced this facepalming player’s board in, stolen from the same FB tournament album. Random coffee cup ref. from Google. I don’t know how to play Chess, once the thing was done, I showed my bro, and thankfully he said it wasn’t a losing position(?). Is it true?



If life gives pain, why not turn it into a painting?

Done in short burst style, about an hour at time at most. Much done while transient GI intussusceptions occur/resolve (the feel becomes familiar, the ER would be weary of seeing me, so I wait, wait, paint, paint..) Working those tiny details while gnashing gum has been a perfect pastime through the nights. And audiobooks, it never occurred to me that one could consume them while creating. Twirled through some Bionicle Adventures books and The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, my now-favorite book!


First try at getting something scanned at Staples. I got it mildly stuck in the scanner, never having done this before, but all turned out well (Thanks, Mr. Moe!). First time using a USB. *fuuuture*

The scan kind of bleached out the details, tried to edit but have no idea how. Hid my sig on the score sheet.


The subject, who generously didn’t mind me neglecting a model consent form! Better figure out how to get a print made for him, as atonement. 


We cannot cope with shutter photos, so grainy ones from video. Faceless photo, maybe our awkward won’t show?

He’s smart…and uh, I sort of try the art? 


But maybe we’re all mess-terpieces? 


IMG_2191.jpg.83c7fa07418c2702fc4b676357e040a6.jpg IMG_2199.jpg.c107858ebd5c126369382d31ee72a8c5.jpg

IMG_2354.JPG.66b1377f7f3d366e346d70fed987d37e.JPG IMG_2357.JPG.7a0be018deb707a97143c1497f174ca7.JPG IMG_2203.jpg.870f698d79b38e3b08dcee69169337ab.jpg IMG_2207.jpg.f06e27efece77ab6609d3d1c30736717.jpg


Creating confessions:

  • Only the second big drawing, 9x12s are my main. 
  • I only just realized I should wear my jackets/shirts inside out so it's harder to paintruin them.
  • This is one of my first done mainly/partially in art acrylics. For years, I’d only used Plaid Apple Barrel craft paints (the allergies). I still like them for their smooth/thin finish, but some of the reds are dull. I had to fine-grit-paper sand some of the art acrylic rough spots down. Seemed barbarically effective, Quora said it was fine. 
  • I haven’t ever used a real palette before. I use plates covered in plastic wrap or parchment paper, with a cake cover lid to keep them fresh. Easy to clean up!
  • IMG_7725.jpg.4d9554a77209033c7078b4503076c75c.jpg
  • It took me quite a while to learn to cover the portion of the painting that rested under my hand with a piece of paper (bye, smudgies!)
  • IMG_1601.jpg.6c1e9daa5cdbf52c4fa4a6b74385c8e9.jpg
  • The angles are off-especially on my brother’s face. Hopefully it matches his current features more so than the two-year-old photo? Never painted a relative before, dear bro, please forgive!
  • How I time my projects:

IMG_1970.jpg.37779155ce970e7075d096a60ff7cbaf.jpg IMG_1971.jpg.f5c1f9756a99b3696760b4b4e9119238.jpg

  • I wondered if I'd live to finish this. I am numb. (Like, brain-numb. Not physically numb, but that does happen to my limbs a lot now, haha.) Eeekyay!

Little Po' in the window. Outfit might truly be a new knitted six-side star borrowed from my mom. 



What does one do for fun?

Sometimes switching out mom's phone contacts to LEGO lookalikes.


And seeing things are easily fairytales, if you please.


And that life is just better with cookies.


Wishing all an exuberant new year!

(Also, thanks a million to BZP for putting up with me. I cannot express how much this place, and people have brightened a medically dark year!)


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On 1/3/2022 at 5:45 AM, Bambi said:

Your art is incredible. :D Happy belated new year! ^^

Oh my goodness, thank you bunches! May your year be mounds of marvelous! :D

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