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New Year + Update



Well, we lived through 2021. it was a good year, and a bad year. it had some good stuff, and some bad stuff. i hope 2022 will be just as good, if not better. also, 2022 sounds so futuristic, right? so. you are most likely wondering: What does this have to do with "Updates"? There is "update" in the title of this entry. Well, it's a bit of a life update. i'm not going to finish the Christmas Tree review. i'm sorry, i just don't think i can take it anymore. i paused the film at this moment and realized i might go crazy if i watched anymore of this.


Yeah, this face sums up my thoughts on this film.

Maybe i'll complete the review next Christmas. I will be focusing my attention towards reviewing other bad films, and more non-review content. so, all the best wishes for the new year.



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9 hours ago, Mushy the Mushroom said:

Posh new profile picture!

Thanks, i like this one because i like the pakari(my favourite mata kanohi) and i like top hats(my favourite type of hat)!

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