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Interesting finds, part two




A few more oddities found on BrickLink:


The collector's tin version of the Quest for Makuta game. I regret not checking eBay before buying this because there's a sealed copy on there for the same price I spent on this open one. The advantage is this one can be played; maybe something to bring to Lego conventions for amusement value?


These pins are deceptively large, just over three inches tall and two inches wide. Not sure what their backstory is but they're in excellent condition.


And finally, sealed copies of the German edition of Comic #1 that was rereleased in 2003 and packaged with the infected Hau Nuva, of which there were four variations. Unfortunately one of them came unsealed during shipping; waiting to hear whether the seller is willing to replace it. He's got more and they are very reasonably priced if anyone is interested: https://store.bricklink.com/Yo_Yo_Flamingo?p=Yo_Yo_Flamingo#/shop?o={"q":"Ankunft","showHomeItems":0}

More whenever my boxes from Russia and Ukraine get here... so maybe never. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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That tin is quite nice. ^^ I looked at the prices on eBay and now I'm tempted to get one for myself lol.

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