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Pencil Portrayals, Purple Party, & a Chia Child

Mushy the Mushroom



Feels so fine to frolic about in this fresh format! 



Bugging my family. Pencil on tiny 3x4 watercolor paper, then laminated. As you may spot, I do not excel in matching the inner card decor to the outer. The predicament of buying primary colored card stock.

641351BD-9DE8-4C55-878E-6BA051F28094.JPG.497a8aff83909bedb6a7c839605e8b0a.JPG FullSizeRender(6).jpg.0bd714de8713bf725e791c43945bf0bd.jpg


 “.. Loved the World” -9x12. 

Isn't it great, this place? The people? So many caring faces here on earth. I love each and every one of you, dear humankind.

IMG_2282.jpg.1f508d42861b386f25f71e7e1fcc2ec2.jpg 1532308572_Scan_20220208(7)_Original(1).jpg.9048ed747274a74e35b1b233c5e3692f.jpg

“What About Us/Medical Zebras.”. 9x12 pencil on watercolor paper.

That song so often echoed through the halls while I rolled through the hospital years ago, before being discharged sick & undiagnosed. Started this one around September, after a doctor’s appointment where I somehow refrained from slipping away in tears. Fear freezes, I suppose. Almost dismissed from all further GI tests due to unknown disease etiology and a new doctor not checking past medical history. I feel terrible about how my body & blood work is frustrating some of them so. Then there is the guilt of having other doctors look at you holding back tears because you're crashing and currently unfixable. How grateful I am for all who are kind and genuinely try to help! Trials to smiles.



An extraordinary, too-giving-for-this-world neighborfriend gave me a giant basket she made herself. Out of the blue. Elated about using it for photography in the coming days. It’s so beautiful that I nearly shrieked. How can you ever thank someone enough when they are this generous? I can’t even form words!

…So I’ll attempt to draw them instead? Perplexing trying to figure out what to draw for people when they don’t have social media photos. Dog owner+gardener+basket-er+wished for a granddaughter but never got one= ?

“Cherry Summers” 9x12 pencil & mechanical pencil on watercolor paper. Tried real art pencils for the first time (Thanks store-going-Grandma, I was oblivious to their existence! Also now waiting for art fixative spray to arrive, a new discovery here in Hermitlandia.) 



People: You must be into what’s in style, care about current fashion and like shopping since you design your own clothes.

Me: ….actually…iiii…uuuhhhh…

IMG_3521.jpg.05bb60097c84c944dc4e4d90bd3b3428.jpg 942B0A7E-DD98-444D-A601-493C345F2FCC.JPG.cdabc7a03f471770dcc86b9691b56cd1.JPG

My mom gave me pajamas for gutting- made with fabric she dubbed “too fancy for sleeping”. 

9hrs for human. 3hrs for The Child size.

Had to add handsewn buttonholes and more buttons in between. Switched out for black. Elastic- threaded bias neckline. Fully lined The Child’s coat with black knit. 

Before/during disection:

Pajama dissection theme continued, so turned the insanely insulating pajama pants into sweatshirts. Partially just to see if it was possible. Not the finest fabrics. Contrast lines to hide seaming. French seams and stuff.





My first Chia Child/Pet- a Christmas gift from my aunt. Someone unintentionally mold-infected the first seeds with hasty watering. Take two, back from the dead. The satchel looked like a hot air balloon basket when not leaf-overtaken (I promise) so this happened. 

*old people arthritis gloves*



And my mom knitted more leg warmers! Pixelated effect from multicolor yarn.

*purple party of three*

IMG_3540.jpg.717368360c84680a2ac66eab39b9272c.jpg IMG_3551.jpg.90bd4b6d583ad2b741967bbdf0442d72.jpg


My mom’s “boring” sweater cardigan she let me loose on. Adjustable drawstring. Lazy daisy, blanket and running stitch. 18.5 hrs. 


EDIT: Sorry, I just noticed the bit in the 2nd post of BZP's rules about spoiler tags I missed. Sorry for using them a lot.

Smallthings scattered across the internet in other places.


 A LEGO love letter to Nannerpuss - Denny’s 2009 Super Bowl Commercial star. Sorry for stealing your audio Denny’s, I tried contacting x3 and I promise it wasn't a prank. The actual commercial: https://youtu.be/Gdu3hQVVDD8



*Now feels better about not having to link to three-second-unworthy-to-click videos. The embeds are so biiiig though, makes me feel guilty about using the feature.*





Do you want to build a…?

FullSizeRender(3).jpg.4f850d4aae6305fa463562f21f5edddd.jpg IMG_3235.jpg.8eb8efe3a768e7428fa00ac81b8a808a.jpg


Brick Roll done for the member-made emote topic. (Details on creating over there.)



Hewki/Huki(?)and Macku/Maku(?). Not my best work, but hey, next time!?

(Not sure which is accurate for the Mctoran form). 



Terrible things happen when your dad always has these around. Rinds in my mind. 

Also *Me just gleefully using this as a repository for oldish rubbish.*

FullSizeRender(2).jpg.9f78fae7365f1ce15ccb7d23e7d570d3.jpg DC2C426D-8D1F-43D9-B66B-D18718689040.jpg.817c39a755d118b26086231e05f0ee50.jpg IMG_3626.jpg.be4a945c0d386a7f41bbe125b0536998.jpg

Ceramic houses made by my grandma & crochet square from neighborfriend. Tissue paper roses that have magically stayed intact since 2017!

IMG_3634.jpg.b77adf988f6ad67915e6b1499ec3a855.jpg IMG_3629.jpg.0abdd3bae580b45f95101d3ab1d142bf.jpg


Up & away,

May you enjoy your day!







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