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Astroturf Upholstery & Dino Decor

Mushy the Mushroom



Upholstery from $10 hotel chairs from a market years ago, store display crib mattress foam, brown astroturf(?) rolls someone abandoned behind the store where my dad works (people dump the oddest articles there, once even a freezer still full) , PUL scraps, spray adhesive, garage spray paint and two $5 blankets.

~63 hours for two chairs.


My mom

Never any money for house things or what she needs.

It gets to me.

I cannot buy it...make it? I'll try it!

Before: (Extra one)



Astroturf later stapled and sewn on first. Spent a lot of hours sewing this before it occurred to my mom what this material actually was... I accidentally upholstered with astroturf...proud of my observation skills here. :lol:


The PUL layer with velcro attachments. Only the hook-side needed since the turf clings. elastic and velcro on the cushions. This was initially intended as a final layer due to a lack of fabric funds.  Carefully patterned it & realized it looked rubbish.

Gnawing off the leg varnish & paint took longer than anticipated despite the magic power tools.


My dad brought two blankets home.


Removable layer two, pattern new.


Uncanny cushion design as XL throws only go so far.

Snap closures.


Had no paint thinner/stripper, sanded paint from the hinges of my old bookshelf like a barbarian with a dremel drill.  Shaved the sticky door edges off, drilled holes in the clock and shelf and wired to the back, screwed shelves down like a setup hypochondriac. In honor of her recently inherited heirloom Hummels. Showered & shined in a salad bowl. *no pressure at all*

She went shopping, surprise setup time.

*shoved long-lacking quarter-round along this wall*

*rug to hide the peeling up fail floor*

*going to replace yellow bells with eternal imposters later*

*finished 5-10 minutes before her return and fell over in bone shattering exhaustion with zero regrets*



Peculiar curtain hanging as peppery Pug twirls amongst them.



Tissue paper, origami squares, feathers. 

Wasn’t intended to look like an Easter egg! 

Sakura Lanterns made from poster board and construction paper… years ago, sides resewn.

Couldn't walk after this setup




Buttermint dough baby dino in a Shroom Sylva sprinkle storm. 

There’s a lemon cheesecake she’s guarding under the grounds there. I sadly do not possess frosting finesse.

*buttermint dough fractures, but chosen for flavor. The claws and spiky dino bits are sprinkles shoved into holes I gouged with toothpicks.I think it took about 5-6 hours to do the decorating part?



[not pictured: my mom sobbing as I tell her only she may slay the dragon]


Still too sick to eat cake, got to bake it at least!


Honey Badger greets ya with a smile as warm as his pizza!


(Small doodle one in honor of my dad’s cheerful, young coworker, Adger. Twas his nickname. COVID took him. :(

Artgift & Fixatif


*hundreds more to go*


Beloved balloons bring impromptu romps.


The bird's name is Betty BTW.


Their songs still spin on (this is non-fiction!)



May your equinox rock!


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How did you post a blog entry without your blog going to the top of the Blogs page? o.o

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4 hours ago, Bambi said:

How did you post a blog entry without your blog going to the top of the Blogs page? o.o

Haha, I'm not sure, it always stays down low. I thought it was because I'd never bought premier and only had it once from a raffle? :lol: Or maybe it's to protect BZP from my creative cringe.  EDIT: Wait, now it's at the top? ._. @Bambiwas this your doing? Magic? 

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