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just went back to BZP's emotes

Taka Nuvia


:wakeup: <- now that's just me these days ^^


Anyone else have a new favourite that they didn't like so much (or even notice, tbh) back in the day?

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Ah, I forgot about that one!

I've taken a fancy to this placid one, don't quite know where to apply it though, haha. :sleepy:

I miss the :hide: one, the little blue one squished under a wooden chair. Wonder where it's scurried off to. 

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Man, I remember that thing...rahkshi of coffee.

But since when is it just called "wakeup"??? Remember when it was "wakeup2", and everyone wondered why it was called that when there was no wakeup1?

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Oh wow, I didn't think they'd all still be around after all these years! I was always partial to this classic emote: :P because of BZP, to this day I still have a bad habit of ending almost all of my texts and online messages with some version of the emote ... :P

Looking through them again, this one caught my eye because of how amusingly suspicious it is:  :lookhere: "Yeeesssss, just sign right here! What's the worst that could happen? Ignore the fine print about your soul, hehehe...."


--Akaku: Master of Flight



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