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This is a strange, strange place now.



I come here every few years just to see what happened. It is like returning to a hometown that never existed, and all the people were fictional characters you made up as imaginary friends, and only a few straggling ghosts roam the grounds as though nothing changed.

I post this just to see if the ghosts can hear. The sensation of wandering in here ever since 2013, when I left the staff, has been haunting.

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I certainly do remember you, though I don't remember how much we interacted. :P

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On 7/12/2022 at 6:09 PM, Mushy the Mushroom said:

LewaLew? I am afraid I don’t remember you. Ghost town, tis true, would say hi but rather boo!, at least one can hear you. :howdy:

Judging by your join date, I would have left to focus on college around the time you joined, so I'm not surprised.

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Name is familiar, yes. But there were tens of thousands of us on BZPower back in the Before Time. My exploits and writings were numerous and widespread, and even then, people from that time do not recall the name of "Bionicle Guru" with any feeling. That is the way with ghosts and ghost towns, it seems.

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Another wanderer, I've been in and out since 2012 because of college and work now...It is definitely a ghost town. Only a small percentage of the names I was familiar with when I was really active are still here, but such is life.

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Your name is definitely familiar to me. Looks like we joined the same year!

I didn't log on for a few years until I got back into Lego last year. Now I come in every now and then to update this topic or post a blog entry.

I was at BrickFair this month and was surprised at the size of the younger Bionicle community that exists now, though they mostly communicate using platforms like Discord and Instagram.

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I remember your name, though no real details about you.

It's certainly weird logging in here, seeing a name like Black Six in the four active users present, and then 60 or so "guests" who are probably all bots crawling over the corpse of the site, trying to absorb information for targeted ads. (What are they gonna sell to us anyways, with the franchise dead?)

It's crazy that the site doesn't ever seem to fully die. Every time I visit, there are a few people present, often people who were very prominent in the community once. I wonder, are they posting, or sitting watch as moderators, or are they hanging around PMing each other? Or are they just locked into a habit of hanging out where they always have, attracted even more strongly to the site than I am, who only pops in a few times a year? All the same, it's comforting to see familiar names hanging out on here. It'll be a sad day when the site truly goes dark. I just wish all the threads from before the Dataclysm were still accessible-- there'd be a lot more to do here.

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