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Writing On Writing



I mentioned last entry that I was doing NaNo. I'm a glutton for punishment and seem to only be able to really put words on the page when threatened by an arbitrary deadline that hangs over my head like a blunted Sword of Damocles. I'm rewriting a novel into something that should hopefully be fit for consumption by some dear friends who've offered to give it a read.

But in the meantime.

Over the summer a short story I wrote got sold! It found a home at Khoreo Magazine, a lovely press that also produced an audiobook edition. You can read it on their website here, though fair warning, it's not quite BZP safe, so ask your parents' permission before going online and all that. And yeah, that's my ~real name~ on it since the internet is now a place where you reveal who you are and anonymity is an illusion that doesn't sell ad money.

I also got a really cool key image:


Still wigs me out that I'm technically a paid and published author (and a member of the SFWA now!). It's been a long journey since those days spent writing comedies here on BZP nearly nineteen years ago. On that note, what until you see where my days making cartoons here got me.

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