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Winter Whirlwind, Cards to Send, Happy Ends Happening.

Mushy the Mushroom


Ho ho...oh?

How can it be already the season of snow? Here, a whole year, where did it go? But quite ready to wrap up a broken year with a bow!  

Perhaps court again for fuzzy reasons won't be so bad if I pretend it's like Miracle on 34th street. At least it's the 15th, not the Eve.

Edit, Oh dear, just in, we don’t have to go in person?

Well, this is good news!

[Sorry for some dark and grainy Fire tablet photos mixed in below. It's a mess here, I'm afraid.]

Anyway, Let it Snow leopard cards, (sadly not a special seasonal scene) made just like last year's.



(last year making process here)

And some from the accident order photo prints of a 9x12” (wait, perhaps smaller?) bird painting from 2019. Embarrassed to post my old art always. For my mom’s workpeople because they’ve not seen it before.

13 of berry bird. 12, I think, of the cat.








Coffee jar sweater because dark car, hands needed task. Also because this is the only form of to-go cups we own, so at least it feels loved. One day we will own more than four forks! Wish I could buy my mom all the forks. Fifty-year-olds deserve forks. Didn’t plan to be domestic refugees. That being said, I cannot count the miracles we’re in the midst of and I plan to make a list of!



Drafted some new little ornament gift designs. Made from the longlasting stack of stiff felt sheets, some normal felt, permanent glue stick, beads and embroidery threads. I was fortunate enough to have the insomnia exacerbated during a two-day hotel stay for doctor visits, so got time to sew! Apparently the hotel wasn't wonderous by normal people standards, but it was such an event for me who hadn't stayed in a hotel since a vacation 8 years ago! Weird to come to the realization of being considered medically "homebound", pretty much how most of my memorable life has been but the health issues kept changing.



About three or four hours each for these, dividing time totals.

100 minutes to make (excluding cutting/design time) each rooster.






Bee for my mom, an untimed anesthesia incapacitation creation.






Got to make a few other littlegifts, but  haven’t edited the photos yet. It’s a brainshattering luxury to get to create things again, things I choose, things that aren’t for any need or practical reason. In September I finished a small drawing that was frozen unfinished from basementfloor and airbed boarding. After all the various unusual  life threatening experiences over the years, I was amazed to find grinding graphite lines into paper throwing me into irrational panic. “Are my hands too damaged? Did I forget how to do this?”. Glad to be wrong. Gratefully growing the graphite garden again. Finally slowly working on one of my three unfinished LEGO projects that got abandoned. Painting from tubes, not buckets, such a privilege!



Festive food feels photoworthy after months of an almost empty pantry. I feel guilty in this area as I wasn’t personally suffering due to the absent appetite from medical metabolic mess.



*The I Had No Supplies But Still Tried Collection*




Remade the dynamite barnbox...




 It was originally for Pops, but she is afraid to use her own feet to hop over things still. Four years ago she was a circling-swimming-pool-piranha pup, in this very room. Being eaten alive by a brigade of fleas.

What a blessing to be back in our hometown!



*sneak peek of painted floors… because you find a way if you’re presently poor, even if it’s crawling and falling with paintbrushes galore*

And real wrapping paper, in honor of friends and momcoworkers. 


*more painted floors*

Because for our little family, now three in total you see, I had only the Amazon shipping paper and some butcher string that was free, haha. Lots more than these, but paper was wrinkly!



🎶Brown paper packages tied up with strings 🎶

Basically this is just an entry to wish ye merriness and try to um remember how to do this !



The Baby is alive and well, being extremely busy.  Poor thing has been neglected!


Oh! And, it sat to rest in the sawdust and was polite enough to allow a picking up!


Hi from Sir Willis, who I want to believe is an Axolotl .






Edited by Mushy the Mushroom
Also, sorry if these images are too big/abundant, will fix if so, memory failing...

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