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Year Review 2022



Started out alright, got a little bad in the middle, and picked up in the last few months. 5/10

Hoping the good carries over into 2023. How was your year?

Enjoy the fireworks:

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Fancy fire! 


How was your year?




And I must say:


To a BZP deer for being here and improving the year. ^_^ Best wishes!

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I looked back over my journals for the year. There was a lot of work related stuff for me this year, including starting two new jobs. The other big thing I noticed is that I feel like I'm under a lot less pressure at the end of the year than I was at the beginning. So I think it was a decent year overall. ^_^

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I started the year in a funk and even after I got out the year still had its ups and downs like always.  I got to enjoy more of the same things I always do and I like to think I at least made some progress in the direction I want to go...

...And even if I didn't, I know for a fact I greatly improved my writing habits, which is one of the most important things for me right now so I'm happy abut that.  🙂

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12 hours ago, confused piraka said:

it was a bad year because my depression came back😑

Aw, sorry. :( Some of your funny posts here have brought me a lot of joy, thank you for that! Wellwishes to you for this year! 



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6 hours ago, confused piraka said:


any tips for getting out of it?

Oh dear, I'm afraid I've insufficient wisdom on something so difficult, I deeply apologize!  I have not experienced depression to my knowledge, just chronic health issues and family trauma. I've found I am happiest if my hands are busy. Mostly obsessively creating things.  Especially gifts, or doing little things for other people. It gives me purpose, a delightful distraction. Something splendid to live for, and that hope to make people feel loved. 
Memes are also therapy for me.

I've slowly realized,  given the inordinate number of major medical mishaps I've had, every day I live is like"bonus time". I still break down, but this gift, the present, keeps me from giving up. 

The day after I initially quoted you here, I actually ended up in 2 different emergency rooms with the worst bodily breakdown I've ever had. Doctors don't have definite answers, but I have lived again. I'm home, with my family, finishing art gifts. I don't have words to express joy over this, but my hope is the joy can be contagious. I believe in you, and wish you an unbelievable breakthrough. :)  (PS So sorry for my lack of real knowledge here. :()


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I'm sorry to hear that😔

you seem to be making the most of it so well done on that front.

just goes to say that everyone has there problems and known has it easier off

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