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Law Bringer Teaser #3



Is an actual short story in OTC. 

I don't think I have anything else to say.  This is my first time sharing something from the project I've been working on for about six years now (I wrote this story last April) and what better place to share it than BZP?  Read it if you want, upvote, like, reply in the topic whatever.

Also, this story is a slightly censored version.  The violence in the original isn't that much worse, but I didn't want to risk breaking any rules.  That's partly why I probably won't post another "Law Bringer" story here on BZP so if you want more you'll have to wait until I launch the official "Law Bringer" site, which hopefully will be later this year (fingers cross) and of course I'll drop a link to that when the time comes. 


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