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Nine Years



Nine years ago I joined BZPower.  This site wasn't even nine years old when I discovered it. 

I still have fond memories of those early years.  Traffic had already declined by then, but it was still an active place (certainly much better than it is today).  Most of the people I talked to back then have since moved on (although it's not like I'm around here much either). 

What spinner am I getting?  A hau, the kind Tahu Stars wore.  I have that set somewhere. 

OK, I don't have anything profound or substantial to say, but I wanted to mark the occasion. 

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3 hours ago, confused piraka said:

the site is growing now so that's good

No doubt, although I wish G&T would get some love.  Of course even if the site was super busy again I'm not sure I would be around more often, but you know that's just how it goes.

This makes me wonder whats causing the revival here.  I know the world's going through 2000's nostalgia, but I've always assumed that if Bionicle was going to part of that it would be in the form of references in media or a reboot not an old internet forum seeing new blood. 

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