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Ghost Sightings

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Last night, I crept downstairs for reasons unknown. Perhaps I felt the voice calling to me through my dreams. Perhaps the light brushed my face and awoke me. Perhaps I just woke up.


But no matter. I was descending the staircase.


I reached the landing and stepped slowly through the living room. The air was clean and humid, like after a rain, and it chilled my skin. I froze, knowing it wasn't right. It doesn't usually rain in our living room.


I glanced around, but could make out nothing out-of-place in the semi-darkness, so I continued into the hall. Something furry touched my leg, and a quiet, pleading sound, like a child or animal's voice, sounded down by my feet. Startled and terrified, I raced into the nearest room, flipped on the lights, and slammed the door.


I backed against the sink, breathing hard, and suddenly realized someone was watching me. I whirled around.


An image of myself, almost just the same, but somehow not as real, stared into me with soulful, blue eyes. Its skin was as pale as the grave, or sour cream, and its hair was uncombed. It wore clothing similar to my own.


I reached toward it, hand shaking, and touched its hand. It was colder than any being I've ever known.


It stared at me for a few moments. Then its eyes widened, and it trembled violently...


The mirror crashed to the ground, and the image vanished.





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I have had too similar of an experience.... Perhaps there's some Bathroom-Mirror seeking reflecting ghost thing lurking around....


It rained in my living room, though.

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If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?

If it's somethin' weird an it won't look good, who ya gonna call?



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...For some reason Im terrified of mirriors at night... I have no idea why though... (thinks of ghost story of Bloody Mary)


Anyway, I hope you get the whole bathroom ghost sorted out...


Ellipses... these are fun!

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That is some pretty intense ghost material (don't mind me I like to jumble up random words, it makes my sound sophisticated)!

I think a room with a mirror would be the last place I would go if ever frightened by something. Mirrors freak me out, mainly cause of the countless times I have heard the "Bloody Mary" legend. (I still have yet to try it out, and more than likely never will)

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