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Lhikan636 Toa of Penquins


this is where we're going to post stuff like if you need ideas or caractors for stories comics basicly if you need help post here


credit to nujako:toa of ice for the idea


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Ok guys I need help with my epic"a Survivor in the Mist"(link in sig) Basicly I need charecters for it does anyone have any charecters they can give? All help is appreated! :)

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I have two.


Name:Toa Krakash



Weapons:Lava spear

Powers(mask powers,additional powers, etc):The mask of torture,Magma

History:A Toa with a mean attitude,Krakash tends to work alone. Though he can be seen to help others when they need help. He is a member of the Toa galahk,a team who Krakash is the second last member of. He has a very dark past. He sold his soul to Makuta of Kalak-nui,and worked for the brotherhood at one stage. He preferes not to tell anyone about his past.


Name: Toa Gurale



Weapons:Double sided zoomer blades,chains

Powers(mask powers,additional powers, etc): The mask of aging,teleportation

History: Krakash's Girl partner in battle,Gurale is the new toa of teleportation. She has little past,since she is a newbie toa.


-Krakash Nuva

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well my sister is being mean and she won't help me with those animal eggs (i was anticipating that she would help) so im gonna need some help with the animals and such that are gonna pop out of those eggs cus im really not a wiz and microsoft paint or anything like that

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