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My Present And A Littlebit Of Future Too

Toatapio Nuva



Happened a little while ago:

Okay, here are my comic land days, please don't post ino the topic and please ignore the version 2.0 part. 1.0 is the real one.


My comics version 1.0


And my movie takes place after that. But I discontinue it after about a five episodes. I'll write the rest as an epic. I'm sorry.


My movie



My current status:

After that I help Veon to defeat the sprinkle bots.


Veon's movie


My future:

After about five years I join the squad that tries to catch Lemoru and his team.



Lemoru (continuing)


After that after a tradig event, I return to Bio-Land.


That's my story. But no-one knows what the future will hold after these... currently I'm just living a peceful life in Bio-Land with my friends. That means that for now, I'm not continuing my story with any comics or movies or so. But I have started another comics series, The Legends of Bionicle. It's a Bionicle parodying comic series which starts from the real beginning, the creation of the world.



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