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You Ever Feel Unwanted?

Kevin Owens


Because that's the way I feel right now. :happydance:


For some reason or another, I always seem to be in conflict with the staff. I try to do my best. I report topics, signatures, and advertising. I participate in a shop down at Artwork II. I run a comic. I help out in NMQ&A. Yet no matter how hard I try, I always seem to be messing up. I've had two proto drops and a couple of threats to have it done. In fact, I wouldn't be too surprised if the Mods constantly watch what I post and what I add in my blog because Omi tends to be the first one to post in a blog entry or topic of mine. I'm not trying to be bothersome. Like I said, I try to help out and contribute to the community. I feel like all the staff is watching my every move, just waiting for me to mess up. And now that I think about it, I don't feel unwanted, just out of place. Like some sort of eyesore that's there to be removed.


Tell me, am I right or am I just depressed and paranoid? :unsure:


Edit: BTW, got my guitar today. I love it.


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Hai, Relax.


Want to know the key to eternal happiness? No matter what happens to you, the Universe keeps turning. The paper is still printed, new songs are written, new lives come into existence. If even our whole world dies, another will turn up. Isn't that beautiful? This massive construct of gas, dust, atom, molecule, life and death, it keeps on going even in the face of such pain and sadness every life ends up seeing.


So next time you feel bad, just keep on going. Turn with the universe. Keep it turning by doing what you can, hey?


Somebody out there definately values your wittiness and rockin' guitars, and you definately affected the economy by buying stuff, which will ripple out and poke out a small profit for some needy person somewhere. Just by existing, you can help people.


Or heck, that's the way I think.

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....yeah, i see what you mean. once i thought i was funny and people liked me, but now i wonder if my presence is overbearing, and if people are just hiding their annoyance. oh well.

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