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Yayshmor It Snow!

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Today, I looked out the window and wondered whether a cotton factory had exploded and how its explosion had brought down the temperature outside. After running several complicated analysis tests, I realized that it was in fact not cotton, and, at last, the white powdery stuff we had long anticipated had arrived...




Look at that! It's almost enough snow to build an entire city of snow forts and an army of snowmen to boot! :happydance: It snowed it snowed it snowed it snowed... SPLAT! *Gets hit with snowball for gloating.*


Did anyone else get snow yet? If not, do you expect snow later? If so, when?



Turakii: the mutli-colored blogger


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Lucky! We got snow yesterday morning, but it was only for ten minutes and didn't stick. Instead we're getting rain, rain, rain, and more rain here in the valley (Emperor Whenua might know where I'm refering to). Did I mention the wind?:(


Here, the only time we have even a remote chance of snow is from early January through early February. :(

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Well, last week we got snow, but it melted on impact. Then yesterday, it snowed a little bit, but was quickly replaced with rain and ice. Then sleet. Then rain again. Then rain today. *is envious*

Ah, very nice weather now here in the Middle of Nowhere.

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Yep, I got a nice blanket of snow. The car doors frozen to the automobile, small child-things playing happily, and totally awsome snow trucks come plowing through. B)

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Arrggh I don't want to see snow at all.


If it snows, then that means I have to shovel it. If I have to shovel it, then that means that I have to do work.


I don't like doing work.

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This morning we got snow, and it earned us a 2 hour delay.


Though, it's not the type of snow for molding anything, but... I still have two more hours to MOC.







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