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I Got A Wii!



It is a cheezy title, but it states the truth. Merry Christmas everybody! :xmas: I hope you are having a great time as I am. I got a bunch of Bionicle related stuff: Bionice Legends 8, Gadunka and Hydraxon. I also got my latest read: Pendragon #7. But most improtently, my parents blew me and my bro with a Wii! :smeag: My 'rents say they got it yeasterday, and my dad(he's a sherrif) walked into Best Buy in uniform to get one(your not going to deney an officer a Wii, are you?) :P

I hope everyone has a great holiday! Also, my birthday is now exacty 14 days away! I'll be 15. Yay me! :P Happy Holidays everone!


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wow! i was going to get a wii like 3 months ago but they were giving them to europe *mumbles somthing under breath* well i'm glad you had a merry christmas! i got hydraxon hewkii mahri carapar and matoro :D and 85 bucks in cash!!! that makes $126 :D so i'm gonna go out pretty soon to buy gadunka and maxilos and spinax ^_^


(i also got a dart gun. oh the havoc on that christmas day morning :evilgrin: )

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My bro got a dart gun too, although I was the one who figured out how to work it and fired upon him. :P

Im gonna use my cash to get more Wii games and Maxilos too.

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