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Happy 2008!



Happy New Years everyone! :D I hope you guys had a good 2007! Man, the school years going by really fast. I guess my new years resolution is to try to be a better person, because I havnt been the nicest person these days. Also, my Birthday is 7 days away! :D 15 here I come! And, in addition, the day after my b-day, I'm going to a Social Distortion concert! Thats going to be a lot of fun. :) Although, I'm a little annoyed that very few of my friends my age have even heard of Social-D(watch, I'll get a comment asking who they are). Which stinks, because they are a great band. But whatever. Anyway, again Happy 2008!

Edit: I just got back from the Kings game, and they kicked some serious Blackhawk butt!! 9 to 2, baby!!! :D

Looks like the Kings are off to a good start this year, and I am too. Peace. :D

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