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Where Did The Time Go?



Oh my gosh. Is it really Febuary already? :ohmy:

I am so sorry to the 3 people who actually read this thing, I have been SUPER BUSY with stuff. What with studing furiously for Finals at school, praticing guitar at home, and every little thing in between, I just havnt had time for BZP, the internet, or anything else.I cannot believe I have not posted in over a month! :ohmy: Well, I should fix that, shouldnt I? :P I guess its back to work again, since finals are over.


On a side note, I am absolutly stoked that the Giants won SuperBowlXXXXII, 35 sec left in the 4th no less!!!!!!! :D I know it may be mean, but my dad always taught me, love the Stealers, love the Chargers, hate the Patriots. Sorry Patriot fans.=(

And on the plus side, my Grandmother won over $4000 betting on the outcome of the game! :D As soon as she gets the money, we are all going out to eat at the Melting Pot to celebrate!


So, on to bigger and better things(like 2,000 posts) I guess. Peace. :)


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