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Cotpc #1: Show Your Support!



Dear Reader,


I would like to begin by saying that I would love the readers of this blog to show their support for my entry, entry 3 in Poll F, titled "To Cerule".


However, I find that so far the poetry contest voting has gotten little attention. Not a single entry at the time of my voting had even ten votes! At such a state, even the slightest vote cast for reasons of bias could upset the fairness of the competition, and I do not wish for a winner (even myself) to be decided due to campaigning alone.


Therefore, I encourage people to read not only my entry, but the others in its poll, and for that matter all of the entries. Some are tedious, some are lacking in beauty, but until you know which are truly deserving of your votes I encourage you to withhold those votes.


I would very much like to recommend some of the poems that I found truly beautiful, but my own posting of this is perhaps enough to instill a bias, and I do not wish to do any more of that. However, I will recommend that you read my previous blog entry, Love, Beauty, Etcetera, granted without letting any eloquence it carries be mistaken for beauty in my entry, which might not contain the same degree of beauty in all aspects (I still regret having written it in my typical iambic pentameter).


Go forth to demonstrate your opinions in the first ever COT Poetry Contest, and may the best poem win.


With all due respect,

:vahi: Aanchir: Rachira of Time


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