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The Final Draft



After two delays, and a number of surprises...Brawl is finally arriving on American shores in a few weeks. As such, I figure it's time to bring the Brawl Draft to its ultimate conclusion. (Stop celebrating you!) And what better way to wrap it up than with one of the least demanded but likely coolest possible addition to the brawl roster than to bring in one of the most well known faces of Nintendo. Ever.


...This guy may give even my character a run for the money.




Shigeru Miyamoto

Franchise: Nintendo

First Appearance: ...He's Miyamoto

Why?: For as long as I can remember, Miyamoto has been the face of Nintendo. From his speeches at E3 and the GDC, to his random appearances in fan videos...he's always struck me as one of those millionaires that doesn't have to remind you he's a millionaire. I mean, look at that pic up above for the perfect of example of the kind of guy he likely is. When building a roster of gaming icons...what better addition than the guy who we have to thank for many of them?

Appearance: Buisness casual. Pretty much as you see him above (sword and shield optional of course). He'd be styled similar to Snake and Zero Suit Samus so he'd look more realistic than Mario and those types of characters.

Moveset: Miyamoto would use a number of Wii Accessories in his moveset. His standard combo would be a series of Wiimote + Nunchuk attacks, while his standard B would be a charged blast from the Wii Zapper. Miyamoto's side Smash Attack would make him pull out the Wii Wheel from Mario Kart and quickly blast forward (as though he were on a Kart). His Down Smash would be a quirky pose that sends a shockwave out in a small radius. His Up Smash would be a quick strike with the Nunchuk that drives his opponents into the air. I have no idea what his Up+B recovery would be. I can picture him using the Wiimote with a grappling hook attached instead of the Nunchuk.

Final Smash: I've always had a theory that Master and Crazy Hand are somehow connected to Miyamoto. With him in my fantasy Brawl, I'd give him a Final Smash that transforms him into at least one of the two hands (Master Hand sounds right). Players would be allowed to control Master Hand temporarily, and have access to a number of his attacks. This would include the lasers, missles, and grab/toss attack. I dunno if Master Hand is back for Brawl, but it'd be cool to finally give the mysterious boss a backstory.


The idea of controlling the very creater of some of Nintendo's most beloved franchises as he fights against his own creations just gets my thumbs twitching. I've seen some of the spoilers coming over from Japan regarding rosters and other unlockables, so I know a few things that have let me down...but there's also a lot of stuff to look forward to.


Hope you've enjoyed the Brawl Draft. If anything, it's hopefully opened your eyes up to some other lesser known classic characters. *Poo...snicker*


Recommended Comments

That'd be cool, to play as Master Hand, even for a few seconds.


If I ever get the chance to play Brawl, my first pick will be Kirby, as that's been my main player since ever.



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Maybe, instead of turning into Master Hand, Miyamoto grows giant, jumps into the back of the stage, and his hands pop up from either side, the hands, of course, being Master Hand and Crazy Hand.



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That would be AMAZING if he was in Brawl. I would always be playing as him, just because he created all but three of my favorite game series (Metroid, Sonic, and Final Fantasy). Controlling Master Hand would be pretty cool also.



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Then again, it'd be even better if Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoshi Tajiri were in Brawl. :D

I was toying with the idea of making Miyamoto a tag team with Reggie. ;)

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