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Two Toa And A Box

Danska: Shadow Master




Here we go! Tuyet and Nidhiki! I did a rendition of Nidhiki before in dark green and black, but the two colours are hard to see together. As you can see I've since revised it, and think his current scheme is good. I've always imagined him with a scythe, and I'm quite proud of that one. Anyone particularly familiar with my kits will notice I've finally got Zaktan's colour right!


Tuyet's been sitting there a while, but I had no idea what weapon to give her and have been desperately waiting to hear what type of weapon she has. So there it is! A barbed broadsword! I'm fairly pleased with that too, although its slightly hard to see because it's lying over Tuyet. Here's a better picture.




I tried to make it fit in roughly with the Metru style. I think I did ok. I certainly like the look of the sword.


I've always been bad at designing masks, so Tuyet's came out much better than I expected.


And I lied about the box. :P


Recommended Comments

No box? *sobs*




I like Tuyet's broadsword! Awesome job! The only thing that looks like it could use some improvement is Nidiki's scythe. It looks a little too... organic. :\

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