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The Brawl Is Coming



Well, Brawl launches tomorrow at midnight. And Gamestops around the country are holding the first round of a nationwide tournament. There's one in my area, and you can bet I'm going to take a shot at it. It's cool, if by some luck I make it through the first round...the next two are both at the Mall of America, which is like a 10 minute drive if even.


Other than that, anybody else picking this up? I'd love to get some Friend Codes and start brawling online with some of fellow BZPers.


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You can bet I'll be getting it. Midnight launch and all that. :P


If you want battlers... *points at planned Brawl Tournament in sig* :P


I hope to see you on the battlefield.



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Me and a couple friends are heading out to get the game and play in the tourney. I'll be brawlin' with you online, T-Hybrid. :D


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Oh, of COURSE I'm getting it. =DDD


Oh, also, as soon as I get it, I'll PM you with my collective friend codes. I decided to wait and just send them after I got Brawl. I have MKDS and Diamond too, but I don't know how much I'd be able to do seeing as my DS just decided it greatly dislikes all WiFi today. >.<


~ :a: :t:


Quick edit: Ah, I just remembered how the release is also on the night of the start of Daylight Savings Time, meaning one fewer hour of sleep. With school tests and junk coming up, I doubt I'll do the midnight release. Oh, well.

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I'm getting it on Monday. It is going to be so awesome!!! If my parents let me, I'll be sure to see you on the Battlefield.



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