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Lhikan636 Toa of Penquins


I just got back from my friends house, it was me him and another one of our friends and we were playing soccer. I accidentally kicked it in a bush. They rush over and are saying like "aww man" and I didn't know why; I thought I could just reach in and get it.....so I did but halfway in I felt like 100 pricks and my friend goes "what are you doing?! thats a thorn bush!" but I was already in there so I got the ball and came out with like 50 cuts up my arm. >.<


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Smart Lhikan.Yeah, I'm not worried about your intelligence at all. :P

Ouch, man, that sucks. I did that once, and it took 30min to remove some of the thorns.

But I was 5 at the time, so it doesnt count as being stupid, like you Lhikan. :P

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