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Is It Spring Break Yet?!?!



Seriously, it is Spring Break yet? Ugh, why is it only Tuesday? I want Spring Break NOW!!! I cant wait, it's going to be awesome! I havnt told you guys yet, but Im going to Hawaii for the whole week! Now that I think about it, I've never actually been off the continent of North America before. In fact, I havnt stayed anywhere outside Southern California for more than a week. Wow i'm sad. :P Anywho, we'ere staying on Maui for the week, on the beach in a 4-star hotel. And get this, a person my dad works with, and his whole family is going the same week. And the same island. And the same HOTEL. Isnt that weird? I guess I'll have at least a couple people outside my own family when i'm there. So uh, I guess thats it. Aloha!


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I'm on my spring break now. >:D


Lucky! Everybody I know is busy! I have like no one to hang out with. >:0


Oh and Hawaii is still in North America. XD


Honestly Lhikan, you need to work harder on capitalizing and putting periods after the end of a sentance. :P


Honestly i don't give a care. >:)

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