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Survivor Camp 2006

Toa Lhikan Hordika


Well, I'm getting pretty hyped up right now because Survivor Camp is coming up :happydance:. It's the annual camp that my youth group does, but this year, it's different. Survivor Camp used to be only for the Junior High, meaning I haven't been to it in two years, but now they extended it to the Sr. High age group and I am just estatic. It'll be from July 30th - August 3rd. There are so many fun things to do there.


The games are awesome. When we all get there, they divide us up into 4 teams with their own color. The first thing for each team to do is get a few plain white pillow cases (everyone has to bring one) and design their teams flag. Once each team is done, they have to somehow find a large stick in the woods and attatch their flags to it.


Once the flag making is done and over with, until 9:00 PM we have freetime to just explore the campgrounds with 3 or more people. 2 people are allowed to go in the woods, but only if they are of the same sex (for understandable reasons).


At 9:00 PM we have our night time service where the Pastors introduce us to the main aspect of our walk with God that we will all do our best to improve on and grow in while we're there. Then we have a little praise and worship before bed. Usually we're done by about 10. We don't really have to go to bed, we're aloud to stay up until like 1:30 AM, but we can't be loud and obnoxious because we could get kicked off of the camp grounds.


The second, third, and fourth days are pretty much routine. Whoever gets up first has the chance to get to the showers while they're still warm (by noon everyone's taken one and you're surprised that the shower heads aren't spewing out ice). I myself usually get up at 6:00 AM every day at camp because I like to savor the days (believe me when I say I sleep the whole day away when I get back home to catch up on my rest). At 8:30 we have breakfast (cereal, or bagels-your choice). We break off into our teams and talk a little bit about the service from the night before. We the break off on our own to read the bible a little and pray. At about 9:30 we have about an hour & a half of free time (lunch is included in that time). After that (11:00) the games begin. We have various games that we do. Tug-a-War (where there is a pool in between the teams, so whichever team loses takes and invoulantary dip), Frisbee football (like football, there's an open field, but we use frisbees (and not our feet). The goal is for a team to score a field goal in a sense by tossing the frisbee to someone who is on the opposing side's boundries. If they catch it, you get a point.), Cage ball (we have this enormous ball that must be like 5 feet in diameter and basically it's soccor with this huge ball.). We also have night time games like capture the flag and things like that where it's a lot more suspenseful because you can hardly see 10 feet in front of you without a flash light. After the games it's usually 3:00 or so and we have free time until 9:00 (unless there's a night time game, which there is every night) because we have the night time service.


Usually the fourth day is a little different. The morning routine is the same, but at around 4:00 PM-ish, we get to go to Jackson Dairy. This place has the best ice cream in the world. Hand made ice cream that is just delicious. The scoops are like the size of the palm of my hand (very big). I remember, the first time that I went there, I ordered a small Banana split and this thing was not small. I was wondering what a large would have been like. It had two bananas (long ones) and 4 vanilla ice cream scoops (flavors are your choice and vanilla is my favorite). I ate it all and I felt sick for the next hour, but it wasn't something I regretted as I wasn't going to let it go to waste. We usually depart back to camp at around 6-ish and we resume free time for a few more hours.


The last game we play is on the fourth and final night of Survivor Camp and it's called the Midnight Run. I'm sure the title is pretty self-explanitory. During our freetime, the Pastors and some of the leaders, set up a specific route on one of the many trails (and all of them intercept at some point). At midnight, the first team goes in (usually the one that's in the lead). The Pastors have reflectors along the path (from start to finish)and each team gets a flashlight so they can find them. Along the path, leaders are strategically placed in costumes (Darth Vador, the Incrdible Hulk, and Death) The path is different every year, but tends to be about 3 miles long. When you get to the end of the trail, there is a leader to greet you with a huge van that takes you back to the camp ground. Once you've finished the trail, the leader contacts the Pastors via cellular phone so that the next team can go. The point of the game is to get the best time. This game is the most important one of them all. Usually, even if you're in dead last, this game can turn the tides of your fortune (it's worth the most points out of all of the games) and put you in the lead.


After the game, we're allowed to stay up all nigh around the camp fire (I usually do). Most people go to sleep, but some stay up and usually by the time the sun rises, you've gotten to know some people a little more. We have breakfast as usual, we pack up, help take the tents down, and then we get our T-Shirts (we have a promotional-I guess you could call it-shirt each year from it). Finally we go up to Judgement Hill (where we have our services) and we have pictures taken. At around noonish, we leave and there you go.


So that's what I've got to look forward to starting this Sunday.

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