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Events Of The Past Three/four Days.



Weheh, finally got around to updating this again. :lookaround: Sorry, it's been a busy weekend. I've been out almost all day every day from Friday to Sunday night, and today I had various chores and such to do today that took up most of my time (mowing front and back yard, blowing off curb, etc.). So here I am. ^_^ I'll do this by the day, and bold the important parts so you don't have to read all the details if you don't wish to. :psychotwitch:


Friday: Let's see... *Thinks* This was my sister's b-day. She amassed a rather large amount of b-day amount (about $110, I believe). So I woke up, heard we were leaving soon to go out for her b-day, got ready... We left at like 2:00 PM-ish, I think. We went to Toys 'R' Us (she wanted to buy something) first. So we went, she bought something.


I looked at the Bionicle sets and got my first in-person look at the boxes of Axonn and Brutaka. They're big, and caused much oogling on my part. :P It was kind of annoying that they were a dollar overpriced, being $20.99 USD rather than the standard $19.99: I guess I'll be getting them from the Lego Outlet. B)


From there we went to Taco Bell, since we were all pretty hungry. I got my usual and we managed to leave at like... Hm, I'd say maybe 5:00-5:30.


Now, next we were planning to go to a baseball game. My dad had acquired four free tickets from a workmate of his, and they just so happened to be for today. I'm really not a sports person at all, and baseball is the only thing I can watch and actually understand, as well as the only one I can enjoy, if only slightly. My sister and mom had never gone to a game before, though my dad and I had seen one or two. They were kind of apprehensive and didn't know if they wanted to spend so much time there. We assured them they would enjoy it and we would only stay for around half an hour or so.


Well, those plans went awry. We reached downtown Atlanta around 7:30 (just a semi-accurate guess). Things were pretty crowded on the way and there was a lot of traffic, but that was okay. However, when we began nearing the stadium, things started going crazy. Traffic was insane and the roads were totally packed. We were on the road for about an hour and we could barely move, so we were pretty much stuck. We finally gave up and managed to get out by 9:00 PM. Though it was kinda disappointing, we weren't too upset about it. None of us are big sports fans, and the tickets were free, so we hadn't lost that much. The huge wait was annoying, though. :glare:


So after that we decided to go to Borders (I would have preferred B&N, but Borders was closer). I read a bit of the book I mentioned in the previous entry: Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Betrayal. Didn't get too far though, as I couldn't concentrate much. Sitting in a window with a busy street behind you are not good reading conditions, IMO. :P I ended up mostly reading Star Wars; The Essential Guide To Droids, which I assume just came out since I had never seen it before and I go to bookstores a lot.


So after that we just went home and pretty much all went to bed.


Saturday: Hmm, Saturday... This was less active than the day before. My uncle came over in the afternoon to take us out for my sister's b-day dinner. So he came over, we stayed here for a while and visited, then we left for Red Lobster, a seafood restaraunt. We had a pretty pleasant time: good service, great food, and all that. My dad, uncle and myself planned on going to the dollar theater to see X-Men 3 afterwards (girls wanted to stay home and watch a movie they rented), but there was a big storm and stuff so we decided to stay home. I went to bed earlier tonight, being quite tired.


Sunday: Sunday, Sunday... Today I wasn't quite sure exactly what was going on until a bit later. I thought we would stay home, but it turned out my sister wanted to go back to Atlanta and visit Lennox Square Mall (something we planned to do Saturday, but we pursued the fruitless baseball game thing instead). We returned, and rode the train to Lennox. I haven't been on a train in a loooooong time... It wasn't all that impressive ('tis a public transportation thing, so I guess it isn't supposed to be), but it was still an interesting experience.


So we went to the mall, met my uncle there, shopped, ate, and shopped a bit more... Then they closed, so we went to Target. They had a rather small Bionicle supply, to put it lightly: just some Piraka, one Dalu set, several Rahaga, and a few Visorak that weren't even marked down for clearance. I wasn't really disappointed though. I just found it kind of interesting that a Target in the city would have such a small stock compared to the one near where I live. ;)


Then we went to Borders again. It was a different one this time, and infinitely nicer than the other one. The layout was awesome, and they had these things where you can scan or search for a CD then listen to samples of the tracks... It was awesome. Those are apparently rather common, but that was the first time I really used them. I listened to the PotC 2 soundtrack, which I plan to purchase soon... Can't wait. It's a really good soundtrack, with some really good music on it. :D


Annoyingly, they didn't have that SW book, which I wanted to continue reading.


I did get to read a little of Bionicle Legends #1 though. I needed my memory of the Toa Nuva's defeat refreshed. The battle seemed more even when I first read it, but now I realized that it was extremely one-sided. The Nuva stood almost no chance... Makes me wonder how the Inika could take the Piraka on and hold their own in one-on-one combat where the Nuva, who had much more experience, could barely beat the Piraka three-to-one. I guess that lightning really had a big effect... I s'pose that's why the Inika are so powerful compared to the Nuva. The lightning turned them into much more powerful Toa, or at least Toa more suited to battling the Piraka. They also have quite a bit of experience, as they were all prominent Matoran that had gone through quite a bit and seen their share of action, and they're more united that the Nuva are, which brings me to another point:


One thing I'm glad about is that the Nuva seem to be much more unified. They're not quite so squabbly and egotistical as they used to be, which I find to be really cool. It was annoying having such a dysfunctional team for so long, but I guess they finally learned their lessons. I just hope it stays that way. :P


Well, anyway. Then my uncle dropped us off where we left our car and we went home, and once again went to sleep.


And that's the end of my busy but fun weekend :P And also the end of my longest entry yet. I think.



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So that's where you've been ... Now, Toro, on Friday, did you wake up before two, or did it just take you that long to get ready? :P


I hate it when traffic's that heavy ... Of course, I would have welcomed missing a ball game, but you know me. :rolleyes: Interesting that the city Target had so little stuff ... Yeah, the audio stations in bookstore CD departments are fairly common. I'm actually listening to bits of the PotC 2 soundtrack from iTunes as I'm typing this. It's awesome. ^_^


Better suited to fighting the Piraka is what I'd say ... Since the Nuva have a whole lot more experience, but the Inika have their different mask powers and the lightning, which do work better against the Piraka. I agree, though, the fact that they can fight the Piraka one-to-one is eyebrow-raising. *raises eyebrow and strokes his chin*


And yes, it is nice to have a fully united team of Toa for once, isn't it? After all, Matoro and Jaller are anything but typical fire and ice Toa ...

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