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Tiny Update. Sorta.



Hmm, not much happening, really. Been toying with a new look fer me blog, so it'll probably be changed relatively soon.


Happy August, BTW. ;)


EDIT: After a few hours of work, I've finally completed those buttons. Now my blog looks coooooool. B) Zomg. At least cooler than it did.


And just as Omi comes up with this. :P


I'm not finished, though... Still going to change a few more things.




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Hey, looks nice ... I like the clouds. ^_^ But is "Life" suppposed to be on the opposite side of the banner as the others? It looks ... random. Like it just decided to go over there on its own because it felt like it. Actually, I sort of like it.


*raises a toast of lemonade to August, but it evaporates before he can drink it* ... Actually, I kinda wouldn't mind for it to be September. *melts*

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Thankee! :D Actually it was purely by accident... I was placing the text wherever it would fit and not take up too much space of the clouds. I never intended for the top and bottom two to be together and Life to be in the middle on one side. Just kinda turned out that way. I don't think it looks too bad, really.


:lol: Wow, summer will be over soon. :lookaround:


*Finds a jar to put liquid ToM in*



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