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Lightheadedness And Toa Hewkii Pics.



Here I am again to relay to my readers (who are few) the events of the past weekend. :P I'm almost too sleepy right now to write and entry, so please excuse any typos or like... Really short or long sections. :lookaround:


Saturday my uncle came over to take us out to dinner for my mom's birthday (it's actually on the 16th, but that's a weekday, so we were celebrating early). I also got a haircut at last. :P My hair had reached about four inches, I think... It made my head look really big. :lol: Kind of. My head was a lot lighter when I got home (about... 3:20, I think). Cioncidentally we returned home just a s my uncle arrived and we both drove in at the same time. I greeted him then ran off to hop in the shower while the family visited. Took a few minutes there then hopped out. We stayed for a while longer, then left, planning to hit the library before heading to the restaraunt; mom and sis had some books to drop off.


After that we headed for the Mall of Georgia area, since my mom had decided to eat at Olive Garden, an Italian restaraunt. After driving through a big traffic jam (:annoyed:), we arrived about 6:30 to find the place rather crowded and had to wait about half an hour to be seated.


When we finally were we all ordered, ate, and had a pretty pleasant and relaxing time. Afterwards we planned to go to the mall which was right across the street, so we dropped mom and sis off at a Nordstrom where they wanted to do some shopping, then my dad, my uncle, and myself all went to Barnes & Noble to have a relaxing time.


I just love staying at bookstores for long periods of time, as long as I have something good to read, and if I don't I can usually find something or other. On this particular voyage I listened to some PotC: The Curse of the Black Pearl clips in the music section (I'd like to have that soundtrack too, but I can't afford it right now, and even if I could I have other things higher on my priority list, since I just got a PotC soundtrack), and read some more of the Star Wars book I've mentioned before. I made some nice progress on the latter, as we stayed from about 7:45 to closing time (11:00).


We were the last people out of the bookstore, and since nowhere interesting was really open anymore we headed home. We arrived, debarked, stored leftovers, got situated, changed thermostat settings, turned computer on, put away shoes, etc.. Pretty much hung out here for the rest of the night until my uncle left and we went to bed.


Sunday was rather lacking in long exciting experiences that my readers would like to... Read about. In the afternoon my parents and sister returned to the Mall of Georgia area, but I stayed. I had things I had been wanting to do, such as get pics of Toa Hewkii and work on a drawing. So that's what I've been doing most of today: working on projects.


And now, in the very early hours of Monday (almost two AM, actually), I'm sitting here typing up this entry. For it seems I've finally mustered the vigor and focus to do so, and I must take advantage of those times.


... Forgive me, I start talking rather oddly when lacking in sleep. :lookaround:


PS: Here are those Toa Hewkii pictures, if anyone's interested. Check out the semi-new background. B) What do you think?




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