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Successful Day



I started out at my dad's house. He is very "cheap" and doesn't like to have the air conditioning on unless it is super hot. << So today was hot, but not hot enough. I was supposed to come home at 1:30, but my dad stalled so much I didn't go how until 3:00. << It was uncomfortable, long, and dreary.


So my day started off bad, but once I got home and showered (my dad's house doesn't have good shampoo, conditioner, etc and makes me feel even less clean. D:) I felt much cleaner and cooler (as in temperature :P ). I was then already much happier. Then my sister wanted to go to Target, so I tagged along hoping to find Mistika or something cool. I didn't find Mistika, and the Lego isle was very bare. =/ Instead I remembered that the new Artemis Fowl book just came out, so I went to find it. I found it and there was only two copies, not even room for more. O_o I picked one and went to the snacks isle where my family was. For some reason I got to get candy, so I picked some huge bag of Sour Patch Watermelons. =D So we left there and I already felt successful.


Then we decided to go to the Bridgewater Mall (I dunno why my mom felt like driving around I guess), and guess what is in the Bridgewater Mall? Correct! A Lego Store! =D I wasn't even in the store and already saw the Mistika and all the other summer sets (because of the glass walls). I walked quickly over to them picked up Krika and pondered if I should get Takanuva. My family was buying something and was all like "You want something?" Umm... No... I hate Lego. << DUH!!! Of course I want something. xP So quickly I just picked up Takanuva and put him on the counter along with Krika. I looked for Exo-Force sets on sale and they didn't have any Exo-Force sets! =O Like, dude! Where did my parts packs go!?!? So that was a bit of a disappointment because I needed a couple parts in one set for my MoC for Primus' contest. =/ But I got the Mistika! =D


Then we went to Panera Bread on a whim! =D And everything isn't even close by or anything. We drove around like everywhere that is awesome! I got a Turkey Panini thing (which was totally awesomely good because it had melted cheese and bacon on it) because I wasn't in the mood for a bread bowl. =/ So that was amazing and filing.


Then we got home. I built Krika and played with the launcher thing for a bit. Then I built Takanuva. Yay for complex builds! =D Probably the most complex set since the Exo-Toa. Let me repeat what others have said... HE'S HUGE!!! Like as tall as my computer screen. O_o Okay, maybe my monitor isn't that big, but still he is huge! Oh, and while I was building, I was eating my Sour Patch Watermelons. =D


Great day, great day indeed! ^_^


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We don't even have the Mistika here yet. :cry: But I did get River Dragon yesterday.


I personally dislike all Panera Panini, I prefer the soup-in-sour bread.


Mistika are betterer than River Dragon. xP


And Bread Bowls are good, but today was hot and I didn't feel like having hot soup. <<

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Krika is amazing. I want Takanuva, but I lack the money. >_<




Have fun with your Mistika.





Takanuva is totally worth the $30. ;) So many awesome parts in white and 7 ball joints! Yeah, 7 ball joints with the hole going through them.

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Good Day, eh? ^^


I personally dislike Krika. I don't see what's so awesome about him =\

WANT Taka though.


I was going to get River Dragon and an Alien Mothership last week for 50%, but I decided not to. D:


And I like the Turkey Artichoke at Panera. It's delicious.


[-The Alchemyst-]

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so I picked some huge bag of Sour Patch Watermelons. =D

^That alone makes the blog worthy of this.^


Have fun with Takanuva. ^_^



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so I picked some huge bag of Sour Patch Watermelons. =D

^That alone makes the blog worthy of this.^


Have fun with Takanuva. ^_^



Yay! Now I have to start a new blog column. =D

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I got Rockoh a couple days ago, and Onua today.

Nynrah rock.

Rockoh is complex too, it took me 2 hours to build.

How long was your Taka build?


I dunno, no longer than an hour for both Taka and Krika I think. It didn't seem that long, but I dunno. I lost track of time and didn't have a clock near me.

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