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Excuses, Excuses...



I apologise for the lack of entries lately; Real Life has been stealing most of my time. Doubtless many of you are back to school, and the same goes for me. I've had something of a time shortage, being out or busy for much the whole weekend and short of time during the week, I haven't had much time to blog or post much around the forums. :unsure:


(I shall post in the BGC as soon as I find time :lookaround:)


I plan to resume MOCing soon, though I can't seem to bring myself to take Aerlon apart yet. I'll get around to it sooner or later, though.


I'm also a bit indecisive on which Inika to get next between Nuparu, Matoro, and Jaller. Jaller is my least favorite Inika, mainly due to his mask (which I think is kind of ugly, at least from certain angles) and his sword (which, personally, I think is a little huge-looking and kind of doesn't look like a sword), so I've narrowed it down to Matoro and Nuparu. I'm thinking I'll get Nuparu because he's just... Cool (Claws and shoulder-mounted projectile weapons are cool). But I'm also not sure I want to push Matoro to second-to-last on my list. Any suggestions?


Not much worth noting has been going on with me lately really, so I guess I'll end this here. ;)




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Back to that age-old (or perhaps month-old) debate ... which Inika to get? Since Matoro was originally your favorite, I'd say get him, but Nuparu is quite appealing, too ... Matoro has ice blue, but Nuparu has claws and the unique Zamor launcher mount. Since I already have Matoro, I can't say which I want more, but the fact that I have Matoro sort of demonstrates which already. :lol: Set-wise, Nuparu has more, but since you originally wanted Matoro, I would stick with him ...


Choosing Inika is an art.

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:lol: You've got that right.


It is hard to choose... Matoro was originally my favorite and he has the ice blue, but Nuparu has various appealing aspects as well. Thing is it's especially tough deciding which Inika to get when one isn't going to actually get one for a while (like I'm doing) because I may choose one and then second-guess myself later and have to choose again. :wacko:


So maybe I'll just wait until I'm in the store... :lookaround:



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