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School Sucks



So...um...hi everyone.What has it been, 3, maybe 4 months? I'm sorry I havnt been on in forever, but you know, school and stuff(Plus I now have a Facebook.) So, I'm gonna start trying to get started up again. So, lets see what has happened to me since I've been gone:

-Went to Hawaii(AMAZING!)

-Went through the rest of the school year.

-Got recommended for CP Bio, one of the toughest classes in school.

-Got a Facebook(Soooo better than ########!) (Huh, didn't know that website was filtered, but I think everyone knows what I mean)

-Went to Laughlin Nevada for a week

-Went to San Diago for camp for a week(Point Loma's campus)

- Was a group leader and a part of the theatre department for out churches VBS(Vacation Bible School)

-Went to see Hancock, Dark Knight(freaking amazing!!!), Journey To The Center of The Earth(in 3D!),etc.

-Learned to drive a boat

-Fell in love....Twice....at the same time(don't ask)

And I am also going to Magic Mountian on Tuesday!


So, I'll update again soon(not that anyone cares except Lhikan).





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