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Lice?! Yuck!

Toa Lhikan Hordika


Well here's how it's been since Sunday night.


After I last blogged, after the Renaissance Festival on Sunday, the youngest of the family who took me wanted to spend the night with my sister. She did and on Monday morning she went to my mom and said that her head itched really badly. Well, it turned out that she had head lice. So, my mom took her home immediately and then she came back home.


After that, I had a job interview at Bob Evans. The manager was very impressed with me and really wants to hire me, but he had to talk to his superiors first. I'm looking into getting another job because right now, I'm being payed minimum wage and my boss isn't willing to give me a raise. I work hard too, and I don't slack of like many others might. Seeing as I'm going to be getting a car soon and I have to pay my own insurance, minimum wage doesn't cut it and it's time to move on.


The rest of Monday was spent washing blankets, pillows, and clothes. I had to call in to work and tell them that I couldn't come in on Tuesday because we still had more cleaning to do. They said that it was okay and after that, I had to go to bed.


On Tuesday, we cleaned more, covered the pantry in plastic, put our toothbrushes in Ziploc backs and we fogged the house. While we had those few hours to blow, we went to a restaurant called Azteca (it's an authentic Mexican Restaurant) and had some awesome food. We all went to a park and my parents watched as my two sister played and I introduced my little brother to the joys of slides.


Later that night, I went to K-Mart, bought an extra Axonn and Brutaka, went to BIONICLE.com and I build Botar. He's awesome! If it weren't for Ultimate Dume's wings, Botar would be the tallest BIONICLE model to date. I've got to start being a pest to my parents until I can start posting pics here. Once I do, I'll start posting pictures of my BIONICLE collection little by little. I'm still waiting for Vezon & Kardas, and Umbra to come out.


I've got to be the geekiest brother out there. I taught my little brother to say Spider-Man! I've got like 4 Spider-Man posters in my room and he always points to them asking "Whas dat?" I tell him "That's Spider-Man. Do you see Spider-Man?" About 3 days ago he started pointing to the pictures and said "See dats Smi-man." I'm so proud of him.


I went to the comic book store today to pic up my weekly fix :P. The store owner actually gave me (free of charge) a 40" x 27" Ultimate Avengers 2 poster. Speaking of Ultimate Avengers 2, I got it last Thursday (I'm surprised I didn't mention that). He had it on the window, framed and everything, to advertise for the new movie. Now that it's out, he took it down and asked me if I wanted it. Feeling the Napolean in me, I said "Heck yes!"


I had the manager from Bob Evans call me and he wanted to set up another interview with me, but with a different manager on August 31 (next Thursday). I was pretty happy about that. I've got a feeling that a new job may be coming my way. He told me that I could start at $7.50 and if I work hard, I'll definately get a raise, so I'm very happy.


I guess that's it for now and other than that, I'm gonna babysit my cousins tomorrow night for $20 and I start school on Sunday.


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