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The Fair!




I went to the Fair yeasterday! It was sweet, tons of rides, like mega drop, which is pretty much like supreme scream,Games like Shoot Out the Star, where you have to shoot out a star on a peice of paper with a BB gun, and, best of all, a hypnotist show! Even better, I was one of the people asked to come on stage! We started out just going down the line, knocking people out, and when they got to me, the lady asked if I had a girlfriend. I said no, and she made the 2 girls either side of me fall asleap in my lap! And then she put me to sleep and I dont remember much after that. I bought the DVD to see what I did, cuz apparently at one point I jumped up with other guys thinking we were Chip and Dale and started to dance. My friends say I took my shirt off. I cant wait to watch. Bye!



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