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Farshtey Feed (p168-172)



Friday, October 17, 2008

• Rockoh T3 is faster than either of the other two vehicles and is built for ramming attacks.
• Greg doesn't consider Gavla evil -- he considers her lonely and friendless. Think about it -- Gavla, before becoming a shadow Matoran, never stole or robbed or killed anyone. She wasn't evil. But she didn't feel welcomed or wanted by her tribe. She did feel needed by the Makuta, which is why she didn't want to go back to being an Av-Matoran. That's not being evil, that's just wanting to feel like you matter to someone.
• Having become an Av-Matoran again, Kirop is now leading the other Av-Matoran again.


• Vican was not turned into a shadow Matoran very long ago.
• A power must be active for the Felnas to disrupt it.
• All of the Matoran in Karda Nui, including Vican, migrate to Metru Nui.

• Axonn and Brutaka allied with the other Skakdi warlords as well.
• Nektann was present at the Rahkshi battle, although the Skakdi did not have their Tahtorak.
• Mata Nui is the only one who could create new Makuta, which is why the Brotherhood had not maintained a presence on the island of their origin.
• Lesovikk has just learned of the OoMN.
• Botar's replacement was the messenger sent to Hydraxon.
• Botar's replacement dropped Karzahni and Roodaka off at the Pit.
• Sarda is waiting for Lesovikk in the ocean.
• Hydraxon wears a breather helmet to breathe in the restored Pit.
• Botar's replacement also has an uncanny talent for knowing whom to teleport and when.
• Botar's replacement has not sent any individuals to the Pit other than Karzahni and Lariska.
• When Botar died, the Order of Mata Nui had to go to his homeland and draft another of his species.

• Krakua's home village would be called De-Koro.

• Tarix, the blue Glatorian set, is male.
• 2009 is about practical people dealing with serious problems ... they really don't have time to worry about the mystical and the intangible.
• There will be female characters in 2009, one of whom will be quite prominent in the movie.
• All tribes of Glatorian have both males and females.
• Mata Nui does not know of the 2009 universe.

• The three virtues symbol is more than just a map; it is also a reminder.


• The primary inhabitants of Nynrah are also crafters.

• Most species were created by Mata Nui.
• The Toa Nuva were instructed to quell the volcanoes on Artidax for different reasons than to help Miserix.
• Krakua's message to Vakama was sent from further in the future than we have seen him.
• On Xia the Kanohi Dragon will be imprisoned again, and the Tahtorak will be as well if not driven off.

• You can't really tame a Visorak. Visorak operate out of their own self-interest. If it is in that self-interest to work with you, they will. They follow the Makuta because the Makuta let them do what they like best, conquer places.
• Only one Zivon exists.

• Toa of Sonics still have acute hearing.
• Greg does not believe that any one Toa can take down a Makuta unless it is a Toa of Light.


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Wait, I thought Rockoh was the slowest... =/


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• All tribes of Glatorian have both males and females.






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Male blues, and female..all the other colors?!


I have to say, I'm watching this blog now for my compendium of OGD information.


Thank you! The OGD is way too..discussion-y for me to read.


Also, have an award for helpfulness and a really good idea. :D

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All tribes of Glatorian have both males and females.

Thank you, Greg! This has been a long-awaited story decision indeed.



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