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Farshtey Feed (p172-175)



Friday, October 24, 2008

• Vican couldn't care less that Mutran is dead.
• Greg: "There was a process in place that the Nuva could have used to wake Mata Nui up without the Ignika, but it would have been time-consuming to do. With the Ignika counting down to extermination of all life in the universe, there wasn't time to do it that way. But it was still the Nuva's destiny to do it -- the Ignika was simply the tool they used to make it happen. (Who got the Ignika into the Codrex? Who came up with the idea to use it? Who talked it into going along with the idea? The Nuva.) It's sort of like saying, 'My destiny is to dig a hole .. the fact I used a shovel to do it does not mean it was the shovel's destiny, and not mine.'"


• Karda Nui is bigger than the island of Mata Nui, possibly over two times.

• It is possible that the OoMN sent the Toa Mahri on their mission to Artidax in order to get them out of Metru Nui for a time.

• The modification the rogue Nynrah Ghost made to Vultraz's skyfighter was to make his Midak skyblaster shoot shadow.
• Mazeka has now had five years of extensive training and repeated battles with Vultraz.
• Greg thinks Vultraz also likes the challenge of knowing Mazeka will never give up.
• Jerbraz is not of a species we have already seen.
• The two blue guards Mazeka encountered were of Krekka's species.
• The swamp strider does not fly.

• A Skakdi's gender is not associated with its element.
• The energy hounds in the Pit stay outside in the ocean and so do not need breathing apparatuses.

• The Red Star is not depicted on the Three Virtues map, since it did not exist when it was first conceived.

• Greg believes the 2009 characters eat with their mouths.
• The Glatorian do not speak Matoran.
• Thornax do not grow on trees.
• None of the winter sets are female.
• Small sets are not Glatorian; they are just villagers.
• The small, villager sets will have a different species name from that of the Glatorian.
• Protodermis most likely exists someplace in the 2009 universe.
• Inhabitants of the 2009 universe are not made of protodermis.
• The inhabitants of the 2009 universe are not biomechanical in the same way that Matoran with respect to how they procreate and how they eat.
• There will not be need for Greg to invent new mask powers next year.


• With the Visorak taken out of the picture, Firedracax will go back to Odina.

• There is no way to force a spirit out of a body (other than death, assumedly) or to force antidermis out of undamaged armor.
• Greg: "Masks are carved into shapes that represent the powers they have. In the case of a Matoran Hau, it is a Hau made with level 6 or lower Kanoka disks, therefore it has no power. But it is still made from the kind of disks used to make a Hau. The shape of the mask is not what's important -- what's important is the disks used to make it."

• The first Toa who defeated the Kanohi Dragon dug out the tunnel in which they trapped it.
• While trapped, the Kanohi Dragon was unconscious from the cold of the ice.
• The Toa Mangai subdued the Kanohi Dragon by keeping it cold, and the Vortixx kept it in captivity by keeping it cold as well.
• When Miserix was deposed, the Brotherhood of Makuta publicly claimed that he had died in a Rahi creation accident.
• The whole Shadow Matoran process has not existed for that long -- a few weeks, tops.


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Thornax do not grow on trees.
Someone actually asked Greg that?
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Thornax do not grow on trees.
Someone actually asked Greg that?

I did. (I was wondering if they grew on shrubs, otherwise.)

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Glatorian procreate? Matoran just are. They're not born...


Swamp Strider no fly? Rly?


Thanks, Planetperson! =D

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Nice thing you're doing here,saves me time reading through the whole darn topic! :lol:


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Anyway,the info about the '09 sets are quite interesting.Though I'm a bit disapointed about Greg not making new mask powers... :(


Keep up the good work!


~Just Commenting

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