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Farshtey Feed (p192-196)



Friday, November 28, 2008

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving :) .

• Bara Magna is a lot older than the Matoran universe and is most likely older than the Great Beings.
• Greg: "The black and green Glatorian […] fight in the first comic -- but reasonably, any two Glatorian can fight in the arena, because it's not about being friends or enemies. It's a job."
• One can get a pretty good idea whether or not a Thornax is going to explode if one knows when it was harvested or if one has harvested it himself.


• Dangerous wildlife exists on Bara Magna.
• There will be both winter and summer 2009 characters in the movie. The movie does not include shots of the Toa Nuva or Takanuva.
• Thornax stew is mainly eaten by bone hunters. Wildlife would most likely eat it as well, but they can't cook.
• The Great Beings and the Glatorian have not been in the same area for a long period of time.

• Mata Nui was omnipotent in his universe but was not totally omniscient or psychic.
• Mata Nui's body is able to monitor its inner workings in case of malfunction.
• Wherever Mata Nui should have fallen asleep, it was always assumed that Mata Nui would be pulled in to some sort of gravity well, like a planet, so the Toa Mata could then be launched onto his face.
• Mata Nui has visited many other worlds, but he did not need to come to the endless ocean planet to achieve his mission. Mata Nui was not observing the planet when he fell asleep.
• There are no other beings of the same scale as Mata Nui.
• Greg, on the Kini-Nui: "The official word on this is that Kini-Nui was a retractable sensor array, basically, that Mata Nui used to monitor the surrounding environment when he was on a planet. Had he been awakened in the normal way, it would have retracted, but because of the abrupt nature of the awakening, the array was jettisoned instead of being retracted."
• Bink: "The Kini Nui was an integral part of Mata Nui’s face, built by the Great Beings, but used more as a “probe” than anything. When he fell over, it was extended to rest on the camouflaged layer of dirt and rock above his face. It kept MN’s consciousness informed of surface conditions and provided a safe route for the Matoran and Toa to access his exterior as needed. If the re-start of Mata Nui had been done in proper sequence, the Kini Nui would’ve been retracted back into its slot on MN’s face. But since the Nuva had to jump-start his heart with the Ignika, non-essential systems were bypassed and it was essentially jettisoned – kind of like the escape tower on the Apollo capsules after they’d reached escape velocity."
• Bink thinks it would make sense for more than one Kini-Nui to be able to be created.
• If Teridax were to come to the Great Beings' homeworld, they at least would have a chance against him, since they built Mata Nui and know the details of its construction.

• Greg, on Teridax speaking to Jaller: "Makuta has always been able to communicate telepathically, he is simply showing greater range here because he is in Mata Nui's body at this point -- the body is just not awake yet. So all he is doing is amplifying his existing power, not using a new one. It certainly has nothing to do with controlling the universe, it's communication, not control." "It isn't shown that he is fully in place at this point, only that he is amplifying powers he already has. He isn't using the powers of the Mata Nui body."
• All of the Visorak are now dead, and the Heart of the Visorak has also been destroyed.
• Zaktan probably knows how to attack Mata Nui's body.

• Trinuma can fly.
• Roodaka was sent to the Pit for the reason that she helped lead a Visorak army that slaughtered thousands of people and conquered numerous islands.


• Artakha remains hidden because it appears like any other island, so seeing it is not necessarily identifying it.
• Greg thinks it's logical to assume that Artakha made the two Olmak.
• Once out of Karda Nui, the Toa Nuva (except for Tahu Nuva) gained access to all their other Kanohi Nuva again.
• Keetongu would be unable to cure Savage.
• Krika figured that Teridax would betray the rest of the Makuta.

-Endless Ocean Planet
• Greg is sure the Great Beings visited the endless ocean planet at some point in the distant past.
• The endless ocean planet in fact orbits a sun.

-Matoran Universe Map
• Greg: "I don't think Ameet worried enormously about making sure every size was just right. They were working off a map I drew, and I am not an artist and wasn't worrying enormously about proportion so much as relative location."
• Greg, on Voya Nui's size: "I think they wanted it to be prominent on the map, because it is a location kid are familiar with." Greg himself thinks Voya Nui is a little big.
• Zakaz's island chain is comprised of Xia and Stelt.
• The Makuta named an island Visorak because it was the place where the Visorak were brought into being.

-Real Life
• The name of the new comic artist is Pop Mhan.
• Greg says that Ameet will be publishing six activity books next year, each one containing a chapter of an all-new, exclusive six-part BIONICLE story written by him.


Recommended Comments

• Greg, on Voya Nui's size: "I think they wanted it to be prominent on the map, because it is a location kid are familiar with." Greg himself thinks Voya Nui is a little big.

Hmmm, that made me think of something. Wasn't Voya Nui very small compared to other islands like Metru Nui? If Voya Nui took up that much of the Southern Continent, then it would be way too small to be the largest land mass in the universe... :/



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• Bink thinks it would make sense for more than one Kini-Nui to be able to be created.





I'm happy that Kini-Nui isn't gone forever.

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Metru Nui is supposed to be 1/7 the size of Mata Nui, but it isn't. Voya Nui is halved and stretched out. The southern continent is in the gut Mata Nui doesn't have, and Karda Nui is supposed to be in his midriff. Several things are just plain impossible about that map.

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Once out of Karda Nui, the Toa Nuva (except for Tahu Nuva) gained access to all their other Kanohi Nuva again.


Because Tahu lost his when Ta-Koro was dunked in lava.

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Shouldn't it be proportionate? Length proportionate to area? If the length is 1/7, then the area should be 1/7.


Good stuff.


Am I to understand the Toa are just a means of waking Mata Nui up should he fall alseep?


I still don't understand why there are Makuta inside him. If the GBs made him, why would they include evil beings that threaten his mission?

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Area would be proportionate to area.






We have known for a very long time that the Toa Mata's purpose was to revive Mata Nui should he have fallen asleep. And the Makuta were not created evil, just powerful enough to do an important job.

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But is that their only purpose?


And it seems the Makuta are hindering the plan, what with making him crash, and trying to take over the world and whatnot.

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That was the Toa Mata's mission, yes. It's no insult to them, since it was an important job.


The Great Beings evidently didn't foresee the Brotherhood's betrayal. They might have suspected their universe wasn't perfect, but then what ever is? They had no reason to think the Makuta in particular would rebel.

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I guess that makes sense about the Makuta.


The Toa's job, then, was to keep things in working order; if that meant fighting the Makuta then so be it.



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