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My Poor English Book...

Taka Nuvia


'tis filled with many sketches... all of them done in the 2 minutes when I've finished an exercise before the others and timne's not worth starting a real piece of art...



this one's actually my favourite. ^^


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Oh man my Japanese textbook is also similarly abused. Only with less . . . coherency. A million eight pointed stars, anonymous girls with pretty hair and Joker smiles for all of the illustrations! ALL OF THEM! Hehe.

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Poor, poor, english book.....not :P It's very lucky to be a place of your artwork. Anyways, cool pic. I can make out the word "huggle", but who exactly are you "huggling"?
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Someone last year continued to draw things in my math book, from leaves to dolls. Kinda weird.

What are you doing in the picture?

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Guest kopakanuva13


...and Joker smiles for all of the illustrations! ALL OF THEM! Hehe.

Haa, that's like my Geometry... I also wrote "Ha ha ha ha ha ha" in a bunch of margins x3

I actually like that scribble you have though :3

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