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ObjectDock on the bottom.

Handwriting thing on the left.

Webshots slideshow wallpapers of cool fractals.


I was thinking about getting a GLaDOS wallpaper soon. DONE!



Credit to whomever made the wallpaper. ^_^



Steps to obtain desktop insanity (For Vista):

1. Right click

2. Graphics Options

3. Rotation

4. 180 Degrees


Enjoy. :D


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I dun got 1 I ran out of pieces for Man In The Box and I don't want to order beams. I ran out of inspirational songs. Songs just don't inspire into pieces to me. =\


I've been inspired by GLaDOS though and my next MOC is a robotish awesome thing. Hopefully for 52. =\

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Rawr you should have given me a good idea then. ;.;


I didn't want to do generic, but anything else won't get far and won't be understood by BZPopulace.

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won't be understood by BZPopulace
And you think mine will be? Make something good, not just whatever the voters want.

What is the point of thinking up a bad idea with a lousy song slapped on to it and wasting time taking and editing photos and posting it only to watch it drown. I want to impress people, not spam out some MOCs. My Oreo idea was awesome, but the way it was made was horrid because I didn't have enough time. I didn't really want to post it but I ended up doing so and I pretty much regret it. It was a horrible MOC, and I didn't want to repeat it.


The wallpaper rock right Bunda/Winner of BBC 51

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