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Winter Marching Band



Never blogged about this.



Spur of the moment idea to go to meeting. Didn't know we had to commit, I guess I'm doing it. O___o


I'm gonna play cymbals. =O


Rest of flute section in there is too. =\


This awesome senior chick from another high school is teaching/helping us. :D?


Ally isn't doing it. =[


Others are though. =]


Rest of the cool kids in the pit are there too so yay. =D


More Marching Band all day Saturdays! :D




And Ally update. :3


My mom ran into her mom today discussed things:

-Ally's mom didn't know she had a boyfriend. THIS IS VERY GOOD FOR ME AND PRETTY MUCH JUST TO KNOW.

-My mom thought we were in a relationship. "They are very friendly to each other" she said. So Ally's mom told Ally and she told me and she said she thought it was funny and I was like "Wow, moms. << Oh and I didn't tell my mom about your boyfriend so yeah. And I didn't tell her anything to make her think that, she inferred that herself."


Told my mom about her boyfriend and the abusive qualities he has. (He likes to strangle her and fight her every time I see her and him. Every time they walk together he holds her in a headlock. And more bad things like that which boyfriends shouldn't do.) My mom recognized him from the play and was like "Him? He seems not her type... and very hard to keep up with/hold on to...." I was like yeah. Hopefully my mom ends up telling her mom and she doesn't like him or something. Lol


Gave her a Sour Patch Watermelon on Thursday for Secret Santa and when we met up coincidentally and walked to lunch she was like my Secret Santa is awesome. :3 I was like he must be. :3 Then on Friday I gave her another and put a note that was like "IT DUPLICATED?!?!" And she was like "Whoa! Thanks! Santa is really cool." So she likes me. =D


I need an idea for a real gift though. But it has to be reasonable for everyone to know about it. Like it can't be jewelry because that is too romantic for this thing. This is supposed to be more fun than actual romance stuff. Though I want it to be good though. And she does have a boyfriend technically so yeah put that into consideration.

Laka wanted me to put a watermelon in her locker and write SOUR PATCH on it. Lol


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I think no one in my school knows I like Bionicle. My closer friends know I like Lego in general etc. They probably don't think I'm as obsessed with it as I am though.


So no.

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