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It snowed today and kid of heavily so we got out from school early. Not like it helped. At 3 the weather was done and at 1 (When we got out early) it was the heaviest it was all day.


Then I walked to a friends house in the snow, luckily he didn't live far away. While walking there my other friend called me up and I said he should come too. Then there was like a lot of people and it was fun. We had a small snowball fight, but I wasn't in the right clothes so I didn't last long. Luckily everyone else didn't either because of the same reason.


One of the friends is sending me a link to a really good Flash tutorial because I want to learn how to make games and stuff. :D


Then I went to the friend who called's house and had dinner in his pretty much just finished new kitchen. It was really cool and awesome. Cool heated floors and awesome auto not slamming drawers. :D


And I can almost play a bunch of songs on the piano from LoZ and stuff.


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